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Some files were ignored because of unmatched content with existing in the list ?


Dmitry Vergeles:
Hello TaranQ,

try our  online video editor, files handling with different params are supported tрere already

Olga Krovyakova:
Hello TaranQ,

Thank you for your post and please excuse for the delayed reply.

You can try to use free video converters that are mentioned on the page below.
You will find here also instructions on how to convert.

Please note, that files to be joined by Video Splitter should have all same parametes, including width and height of frames, all that you ca see in the Join Manager window.

To start, I know what this means, that the different video files have different parameters like bitrate, audio settings etc.
But the big question is, what is the easiest way to get all the files converted so they can be imported?

I often have to stitch together sections from different MP4 files comming from different sources.
Somewhere i read that Format Factory would do the trick but unfortunately that didn't work, i converted all sections with the same settings but still I was unable to import them.


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