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Hi Olga

I have just tried SolveigMM v6 Portable and K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 13.2.4 on my virtual Windows 8.1 x64 VirtualBox and SolveigMM shows the waveform for my video. Let me uninstall and reinstall K-lite Codec Pack on my real windows to see what happened.

OK. I have updated K-Lite Codec Pack Mega from 13.2.0 to 13.2.4 on my real Windows and SolveigMM v6 has shown the audio waveform. I hope the other issue (v6 misses nearly half a second at the end of the video) will be fixed soon in future update. Thanks Olga.

Hi Olga,

I already installed K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 13.2.0 & deleted all saved waveforms but the problem isn't solved. Does SolveigMM v6 on your computer show waveform of my video after you install K-Lite Codec Pack? Or how do you configure K-Lite Codec Pack to work with SolveigMM v6?

Olga Krovyakova:
Hello doquan0,

The issue is in the codec installed on your computer and that Video Splitter uses.
Please try at first install K-lite codec pack, will it help you?

I would also recommend you to clean thr folder with the saved file of audio wave (go to Tools / Preferences / Audio Waveform / Explore / delete all .apk files of waveform).

Hi Olga

In version 6.1, I already turned on "Story board", the image is shown but the audio waveform is just a line. It doesn't show any error messages

Sorry for my mistake in typing. I have modified the title and the body text of my first post. It should be .mp4, not .avi.

Thanks a lot.

Olga Krovyakova:
Hello doquan0,

Thank you for your post.

I've checked version 6.1 and noticed that this version produces the waveform at our end, but it doesn't play the whole audio content at the end as you have described.
This will be checked and fixed by our developers in the near future.
According to the waveform construction, please check if the "Story board on" icon is turned on and the timeline is in the full height so the waveform could be shown (if it it was minimized please enlarge it by moving it up after clicking at timeline's upper edge). Do you receive any error messages on the opening of this file in Video Splitter 6.1?

PS: the file you have uploaded to Google drive is the .mp4 file, not .avi. Is this a right file?


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