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Zond 265. 1st version


Dmitry Vergeles:
Version 1.0.1205.22, 2012-05-22

Сompatible with reference software HM 7.0rc2

Dmitry Vergeles:
On May 7th, 2012, we've issued the first to the market H.265 Analyzer called Zond 265.

Analyzer Home Page

Press release

Features List:
- Сompatible with reference software HM 6.2 r2238
- Frame navigation based on frames bars in decoding or display order
- Frames size histogram
- Color highlighting of different kind of frames (I, B, P).
- Marking of reference frames for a current picture
- Visual presentation of data from all levels of a video stream and decoding stages
- Showing all headers with a content.
- Showing Headers sizes and offsets within a stream
- Highlighting of a slice and related headers (SPS, PPS, etc.) of a current frame
- Showing pixels predicted, reconstructed, after deblocking and adaptive loop filtration
- Showing CU data: coordinates, dimension and bit-size
- Color highlighting different types of CUs (Inter, Intra)
- Showing PU data: a spatial prediction mode of intra PU luma and chroma components
- Showing inter PU’s motion vectors, reference lists, reference indexes.
- Showing TU data: dimension and offset within CU. Luma and chroma coefficients before de-quantization.
- Overlay a frame with a CU, PU or TU grid and motion vectors
- Showing bits distribution statistics to be used while encoding of CU, PU and TU data (skip_mb_flag, merge_flag, mvd, cbf_luma, etc.). Displaying results as a pie chart and table


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