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Zond 265. Version 1.4


Dmitry Vergeles:
New version of  Zond 265, 1.4 gets available.

Analyzer Home Page

 - Compatible with reference software HM 10
 - Shows video parameter set (VPS) structure
 - Shows supplemental enhancement information (SEI)
 - Extended stream statistics - CU types, Reference pictures, Intra/Inter PU sizes, TU (Y / Cb / Cr) sizes
 - Sorting frame / stream statistics elements (residuals, mvd, etc.) by default order or by percentage
 - Shows a progress while file loading / parsing

 - A zoom mode changed. A filter was applied that altered visual pixels in a picture zoomed in. Cancelled
 - Zond is now automatically launched in Google Chrome (if installed) despite of what browser is default one.
 - New values in fields of HRD Buffer (bitrate, framerate. etc. ) are updated by Enter keyboard button (as well as by “Rebuild”)
 - “Recent Files” drop-down list is not any more closed if a mouse pointer goes up

 - Sometimes if to close Zond browser tab, the process was not killed and remained running


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