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How to make a watchable YouTube/MotionBox video tutorial

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Hmmm.  Thanks.  But somehow the different clips ended up with slightly different widths and Height so they couldn't be joined.  The only thing I can think of which could have happened was that at one point I did a pan (shift F3?)  is that possible that the video frame could have changed size when I did that?

Dmitry Vergeles:
HC3 is shipped with HyperCam Media Editor that is able ro merge your files. Just call it via "edit" button in recent records section and follow the actions described at the topic below:
How to merge AVI files

So because I had minutes of unwanted video on one clip (then I hit F3 to stop it and to start another clip to continue)  I used AVI trimmer to trim out the bad video but how then do I combine the other videos that I made in to one video? Thanks.


Dmitry Vergeles:
Really some problems with pause/resume mode presents.
Currectly we don't have the resent logofree version. But in some days we will upload the new version and update the logo free one, so just remind me about that.


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