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Crash when re-opening a file created by splitter

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Hello Doug,
It is nice to hear that it helped.
Yes, you can use your license key to activate the beta-version. These changes will be implemented into release version.

Summary: The beta software you sent me solved all my issues.

Details: With beta software I can:
- extract a subset of same original file which:
    - plays in VLC with no blackout at the beginning
    - uploads to Vimeo with no error messages
    - plays normally in Vimeo
- drag the extract back in to VS for further processing with no problems.

Thanks for excellent support: prompt, and thorough.
I assume I can put my original activation code into the beta software, and continue to use it until your next release.
If not, please advise how I should proceed.

Thanks again, - Doug Elliott.

Hello Doug,
I received your files and reproduced the issue. We will check it and let you know as soon as we have any progress.

2 files were sent to support(at)solveigmm(dot)com via dropbox. Please confirm that you have been able to retrieve them.
-Doug Elliott

I will do the file uploads within the next 6 hours. Some further data:
- if I repeat the operation, starting with a fresh copy of the original file, all extracted portions act the same way.
- I uploaded the large original file to Vimeo, and it displays fine, with no black out at the beginning.
- I don't have a project file. I do simple editing manually by marking sections then marking them for deletion, and then saving the result.
- I've done this successfully many times in the past. The Zoom meeting and recording was initiated by someone else this time, and the resolution was different: 2048 x 1152 vs the 1920 x 1080 I normally work with.
- I did comparisons of the various parameters for old, and problematic recordings, using a couple of utilities, and the only difference I could find is the resolution, and some parameters I think are related to that, like average bit rate, etc.

Thank you for investigating this issue, as I suspect it may reoccur for me in the future.


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