Author Topic: We’re in a bit of a lull of the offseason.  (Read 29 times)

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We’re in a bit of a lull of the offseason.
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Big name transactions are hard to come by this far into the offseason Drew Lock Jersey , but there are still some closed door talks that will result in some huge trades coming up before Week 1. The draft is quickly becoming an afterthought and all focus is shifting toward the regular season. As regular season rosters become clearer, team’s will push to get rid of certain talent to bring in a better fit.Although so much focus is placed on the acquisitions leading up to and on draft day Anthony Nelson Jersey , the next few months are where certain trades can be the eventual cause of a playoff run. The front-office moves that will happen over the next few months are the ones meant to solidify an offensive or defensive attack. No longer are teams trying to fill numerous holes in their game plan. Now, organizations are looking for the final piece to that puzzle. Front offices are trying to find the difference maker on what should be an already well-balanced attack.Let’s face it … any team that still has to fill multiple holes will not likely reach the postseason. Some of those teams appear on this list Jeffery Simmons Jersey , but you’ll also see a couple powerhouses make a move that will shake up the structure of their division. A couple trades that lie ahead will solidify an upcoming winning season, while others will just make people wonder ‘why?’  With this list Nate Davis Jersey , here are 15 huge trades that still could shake up this offseason. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is one of the most prestigious in all of sports. While it hasn’t had the stringent standard of the Baseball Hall of Fame it is still very respected for who gets to be in those walls. There as a lot of debate over whether Terrell Owens earned the right to be in the Hall of Fame even though his talent clearly suggested that he was a first-round candidate. The NFL media is very strong and can control a narrative like no other. Because of that fact this one lets players in on an interesting set of circumstances sometimes.In a lot of cases some players in the Hall of Fame are there strictly on having an iconic moment or being on Super Bowl teams. Football is the ultimate team sport but that doesn’t mean everyone gets an equal cut of that pie. There still should be a lot based on personal achievement up to that point and the rest of the team shouldn’t get someone in. Other things that the Hallo counts which should be adjusted is how much certain players get in simply for their personalities. This is a much bigger problem when looking at players from the 1970s and 1980s because NFL Films ran the show of the league much more back then.On the flip side there are players who put on a show on the field but never got the respect they deserve from the media. We will be talking about ten players who shouldn’t have been elected into the Hall of Fame and ten who deserve the gold jacket.