SDK 4.2

Design smart video editing desktop or cloud applications that support key multimedia formats and codecs
Trim and cut with Frame or K-Frame accuracy
Process editing tasks in batches
Generate encoded video streams from series of raw bitmaps
Make cuts in multiple MP4 files at once

I am a developer of Micromed S.p.A., a company that works on video EEG in Medical market. Since I encountered some problem in DES windows 7 in 2011, I started evaluating Video Editing SDK for MPEG-2 frame-accuracy trimming.

The tests were done successfully with Solveig Video Editing Engine. The support team helps us a lot to adjust it and we are happy to use it in our product as for now. We would recommend Video Editing Engine for those who never compromise on the final quality.

Stefano Pellizzato, Software Engineer, Micromed S.p.A.

«We were looking for the solution for splitting MPEG-2 and AVC video plus audio for our project called Loop Recorder.

We found SolveigMM smart video editing technology and we could realize several specific features with their team which are always completed in time and at an affordable pricing. It turned out our company became the very first client for Solveig and as for now we are good partners with Solveig already 13 years. Without a doubt, I recommend the Video Editing SDK and SolveigMM talented team for completing comprehensive tasks.»

Wolfgang Ptacek, Head of Electronic Media, APA-IT

As a software provider for the broadcasters, we have been very professional in MPEG2 and MXF world. But we have not been very familiar with AVC and HEVC. We had been looking for the professionals since we found Solveig.

We have chosen the Video Editing SDK because of the powerful and prompt support from the Solveig. With the support, we could build our frame accurate MP4/TS cutter and it became the one of the base technologies for our Web based Non-linear editor.

Jay Kang, CTO, Gemiso
Video editing tools with
great features

Adding transitions to the video stream

Overlaying texts to your video

Overlaying sound to the video

Video Editing SDK help developers across the world
Video Editing SDK enables to design video editing tools supporting a wide range of video codecH264/AVC, MPEG-m2, Video, DivX, etc. types and multimedia formatsAVCHD, MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, WEBM, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, MP3, WMA based on the unique video editing engine.
The SDK encompasses a wealth of components:

DLLs, COM objects and DirectShow filters, Visual C++, C#, VB.Net, VB 6.0, ASP.NET, FoxPro, Delphi sample applications — as well as a reference manual and API.

System Requirements

Supported languages: English

  • Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 operating system
  • DirectX 8.0 Runtime or higher
  • Appropriate video and audio decoders for the preview feature
  • Windows Media Format 9 Series Runtime to be shipped with Windows Media Player 9 and higher.
  • Windows Media Format 11 Series Runtime for frame-accurate editing of WMV files:

Window Media Player update
Windows Media Format 11 Series Runtime update (7.72 MB)

Supported input/output formats & video/audio types
H.265 / HEVC
  • Video elementary stream
H264 / AVC
  • Video elementary stream
  • Program stream
  • Transport stream
  • Video elementary stream
  • Audio elementary stream
MP4 ISO Format
  • With H264 / AAC
  • Other video/audio
WEBM Format
  • VP8 Video
  • Vorbis Audio
Matroska Format
  • With H264 / AAC
  • Other video/audio
AVI Format
  • DV AVI type 1, type 2 -OpenDML AVI
  • Any video/audio type
  • Any size > 2GB, > 4GB
  • System stream
  • Video elementary stream
  • Audio elementary stream
AVCHD Format
ASF Format
  • Any 3rd party video/audio type
MOV Format
  • With H264 / AAC
  • Other video/audio
WMV Format
  • Any Windows Media Video
  • Any Windows Media Audio
WAV Format
  • PCM Audio
  • ADPCM Audio
FLV Format
Download now
Video Editing SDK 4.2
Ver/Date: 4.2.1912.10, 2019 Dec 10
Video Editing SDK x64 4.2
Ver/Date: 4.2.1912.10, 2019 Dec 10
Video Editing SDK Linux x64 3.1
Ver/Date: 3.1.2003.20, 2020 Mar 20
Development license
The full SolveigMM Video Editing SDK is available free of charge for R&D purposes. It includes a set of COM objects and DirectShow filters for editing, source codes of sample applications, the API and developer reference documentation.
Runtime license
With the full SDK, you can take your time developing the app at the R&D stage. Once your app is released and ready for commercial use, the SolveigMM Video Editing Engine integrated into your own application must be licensed separately for re-distribution.

The licensing fees depend on media formats, resolution and license quantity. Technical services require a standalone paid subscription.

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