Author Topic: "Digital Video and Television", by Prof Ioannis Pitas, 2013.  (Read 29032 times)
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Hello Ioannis_Pitas,
Thank you for info. Are you the Author?
Dmitry Vergeles
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"Digital Video and Television", by Prof Ioannis Pitas, 2013

The book provides the most up-to-date introduction to digital video and television. The entire process is covered, from video production, to its delivery through broadcasting or streaming. Digital video cameras, video acquisition, color theory and visual quality are presented. Various video compression methods (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, HEVC) and broadcasting systems (ATSC, DVB, DTMB, ISDB) are overviewed. The latest trends in visual effects and post-production for 3DTV and digital cinema are also presented. Stereo (3DTV) video acquisition,  quality, broadcasting and display are overviewed. Additionally, some aspects of digital video processing, like quality enhancement, format conversion, image transforms or filtering, as well as video analysis topics, such as motion estimation, human/object detection, recognition and tracking, are overviewed. Video interfaces (HDMI, DVI), optical storage (DVD, Blu-ray) and display/projection technologies are presented. Finally, video description standards (MPEG-7, AVDP), archiving and search/retrieval mechanisms are detailed. The book avoids delving into extreme details, in order to be easily comprehensible by non-technical readers. A concise list of chapters follows:

1) Introduction to digital video, 2) Digital video acquisition, 3) Human visual perception, 4) Video processing, 5) Video analysis, 6) Video production, 7) Video compression, 8) Digital television broadcasting, 9) Media streaming, 10) Digital video interface standards, 11) Digital video peripheral devices, 12) Digital cinema, 13) Three-dimensional digital television, 14) Video storage, search and retrieval.

Available from for $26.96 USD: (or £17.92 GBP or €21.85 EUR in the respective Amazon Europe sites).

Distributor: Createspace/Amazon,
ISBN-13: 978-9609156448,
1st Edition, paperback: 340 pages, dimensions: 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm).

Prof. Ioannis Pitas (IEEE fellow, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, EURASIP fellow) works on digital media at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.  He has (co)-authored 9 books,  39 book chapters and 690 papers, 39 books in image/video processing. He has been many times invited speaker, associate editor and  General or Technical Chair of 5 conferences. He participated in 67 R&D projects and has 16500+ citations and H-index 62+ (2013).

Chapter contents:

INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL VIDEO: Video basics, analog and digital video formats.

DIGITAL VIDEO ACQUISITION: Image formation/acquisition, digital video camera, image distortions, video quality.

HUMAN VISUAL PERCEPTION: Human eye anatomy, human vision modeling, color theory, stereopsis.

VIDEO PROCESSING: Video quality enhancement, transforms, filtering, format conversion.

VIDEO ANALYSIS: Motion estimation, face/object detection and recognition, image segmentation, object tracking.

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Pre-production, camera movement, lighting issues, shot types, camera calibration, 3D scene reconstruction, computer generated imagery (CGI), Digital video editing and manipulation, 3DTV production/post-production.

VIDEO COMPRESSION: Transform-based video compression, MPEG-2,  MPEG-4, HEVC standards.

DIGITAL TELEVISION BROADCASTING: Channel coding, modulation, terrestrial and satellite transmission, High Definition TV (HDTV), mobile TV. DVB-T/S/C/H, ATSC-T/C-M/H, ISDB standards.

MEDIA STREAMING: Media streaming technology, encoders and servers, communication issues, streaming file formats, media players (Real Player, Windows Media Player, QuickTime media player, Flash player), videoconferencing over IP.

DIGITAL VIDEO INTERFACE STANDARDS: High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI), digital visual interface (DVI).

DIGITAL VIDEO PERIPHERAL DEVICES: DVD/Blu-ray optical discs, video projectors, display monitors (LCD/Plasma).

DIGITAL CINEMA: Digital cinema standardization, digital cinema post-production, digital movie distribution and playback.

THREE-DIMENSIONAL DIGITAL TELEVISION: 3DTV image capture, 3DTV video formats, 3DTV compression and broadcasting, 3DTV display technologies, 3DTV market.

VIDEO STORAGE, SEARCH AND RETRIEVAL: Spatiotemporal video description, multimodal audiovisual description, MPEG-7 standard and profiles, video annotation, audiovisual archiving, indexing and retrieval, media asset management (MAM) systems.