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I'd like to start off by saying hello to all users (and guests) that read this.

I am interested in testing digital recording and I came across Hypercam 2 and I was quite impressed. I then went on to find version 3. I loved it to bits and now I use it for all my "How to:" Videos.

Being interested in the software, I have written a small review consulting Hypercam 3.



Hypercam 3 is amazing, and I don't use that word very often. Very simple to set up, but used correctly can be used in advanced ways, and the media editor was a nice tool for cleaning up videos. The new layout is probably what I liked most about this version. Its sleek black design and the fact it neatly fits to the side of the screen to create a nice sidebar effect. All the recent videos can be easily accessed with the new interface to be edited or played, and doesn't confuse the average user with masses of options. I can be used after install instantly to make high quality videos. The notes are very nice too. Options has a variety of compressors, and its easy to change FPS and sound settings. I noticed no bugs at all whilst using this. Overall ratings:




Sound quality:9

Video Quality:10


Overall: 9.5


Thanks for reading  :D


Alan Walker

PHP and LUA programmer