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I have been trying to use they very latest version of SolveigMM Video Splitter v3_6_1301_16 under Windows 7 Pro (64 bit), and it is horribly unstable.  This is on a nearly brand new HP Elitebook laptop (8 GB RAM).

So far there is no rhyme or reason to the instability: the program very frequently locks up when it starts up, it very frequently locks up when writing a trimmed video out again.  AVIs, MP4s, etc, all can have the same instabilities / lockups.  One video can work fine one time, but lock up SolveigMM Video Splitter the next I load it.  When the program locks up, it might take 5-10 or more close downs / re-runs before it will then finally run again.

I am happy to supply any more details you need, provide sample videos (although the instabilities / lockups can happen to every video I have tried - dozens), and/or I am happy to run a special debug version of SolveigMM Video Splitter on my machine if you need to gather run-time information, or run any tools you want to get to the bottom of this.


Video Splitter / Re: Feature Suggestions for Video Splitter
« on: January 25, 2011, 10:23:09 AM »
I've got some suggestions as well:

(1). A "Jump to Next Silence" button, which would jump to the next section of silence in the video.  It would probably be good to let the user enter the minimum silence as well.  e.g. 100 millisec.

(2). The ability to see the audio track profile.

Both of these features are very useful when editing video, and especially when removing TV ads.  ;)

Here's a screen shot from Camtasia which shows the audio track and the gaps between the TV ads:

I'm not sure how far you want to take this great program, but there's no harm in suggesting:

(3). Video conversions (AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV), resolution and quality changes, etc.

(4). Special effects: fade in / fade out of video and/or audio, cartoonize, black and white, halo, fisheye, etc.

The last 2 suggestions are almost certainly way off the mark.  They go way beyond what a video splitter should do.  ;)  Still, no harm in suggesting ...  ;)


Video Splitter / Re: Slow!
« on: January 25, 2011, 09:12:59 AM »
Splitting is very slow for me as well (> 1 hour, removing 10 mins at the beginning and 5 mins at the end of a 50 min recording, on a i7 920, 6GB RAM, RAID1, Windows 7 64bit).

My recordings are .ts, MPEG-2 straight from DVBViewer.
Have you tried recent Video Splitter 2.3 beta. This should solve the problem.

Yes, I agree.  :) 

The new versions are very fast.  I'm editing large-ish (1+ GB) videos using a laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525, 3 GB, Vista) and this machine is nowhere near as powerful as your machine, and SolveigMM Video Splitter 2.2 and 2.3 is really fast.


I like your product. I use it for editing aerial videos I take aboard remote operated helicopters.

That sure sounds like terrific fun Joe !!  :)


You  can try our 2.3 beta, it cuts this ads perfectly :)

Thank you, I've downloaded and installed the new Beta (after uninstalling 2.2) and will give it a good test over the coming days.  :)


Hi Olga, I've given 2.3 beta a good test, but the issue still remains.  2.3 beta cannot chop the first 5 seconds of the video clips I am working with.  It can trim perfectly after the first 5 seconds, but it cannot trim anything at all (not even the first second or the first 3 seconds) from the first 5 seconds of the video.

Please see the link in my post below for a sample / test 2.3 MB AVI.   

I'm standing by to test any new updates.  :)


That is still beta mode. Try to swithc that off.

Yes, turning this off fixed the problem.  Thank you Dmitry !  :)



I'mgetting this error message in SolveigMM Video Splitter 2.3 Beta: "Statsfile not found" in an error dialog.

It happens whenever I try and delete parts of a AVI file.  I've tried a few AVI files, and all do it.  I've also tried uninstalling SolveigMM Video Splitter (all versions) and reinstalling v2.3 Beta again.   The error still appears.

After the error appears, the progress bar goes *very* slowly (even when processing a video file that is only a few MB).

Hope this helps you guys track down the error.  I'll be happy to provide any other information needed.  e.g. screen shots, etc.


You  can try our 2.3 beta, it cuts this ads perfectly :)

Thank you, I've downloaded and installed the new Beta (after uninstalling 2.2) and will give it a good test over the coming days.  :)


Firstly, let me congratulate the SolveigMM guys - you are doing an amazing job and making incredible progress with Video Splitter and the other tools.  :)

I've been editing a lot of AVI files (removing ads from shows I've recorded from TV).  When I record a TV program I want to keep, I use AutoGK v2.55 to convert the .TS files to AVI's of the desired quality / size, and then use SolveigMM Video Splitter v2.2 to remove the TV ads and join the AVIs together (if needed).

I have noticed a problem: I was trying to remove the TV ads at the start of a video and was able to remove all but the last 5 sdeconds of the last ad at the start.  No matter what I do, I cannot remove the 5 seconds of ad.  I think it might be a key frame issue.  When navigating forward and back through keyframes in the original video, a keyframe was right on this section of the video. 

I have prepared a short 10 second video that illustrates what I'm talking about - it contains the last 5 seconds of a TV ad (that I cannot delete) and the first 5 seconds of the documentary that I recorded and want to keep (without the ads ;) ).

I have uploaded this video to MediaFire (the AVI is only 2.33 MB in size):

I can also expand the video to include another 5-30 seconds or whatever are needed.  Let me know and I will do whatever will help ! :)

I have had a quick read through quite a few of the forum posts.  Others seem to have similar issues (the lack of detail makes it hard to judge), but no posts I have found suggest that the issue might be key frame related.  None of the posts I have read so far provide a sample video, so I'm hoping my demo video will help as well.

Please advise if I can provide any further information.

I notice a new Beta version is out (wow you guys work hard) - maybe this will fix this issue ?


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