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Video Splitter / Re: How to register v5?
« on: March 19, 2015, 12:51:52 AM »
Hi Olga

Thanks for the info.

Have gotten the new licence key for v5.


Hi Olga

Thanks for the info....

Will consider the options then.



Had written to support 1 week ago but never got a reply so think I try my luck here then.

I normally have a list of recordings on a weekly basis where I need to trim out adverts, and these are the steps I normally take,
a)   Run “Index MPEG files in a folder” on the folder containing my raw videos.
b)   Run thru’ each video and mark out all the adverts.
c)   Save the video as a .ssp project file first.
d)   Once all the videos are done, load each .ssp file and trim the videos.

I believe these can be done in batch mode, esp. the last step (d) where I just want to trim the videos by just running thru’ the list of .ssp files.


1)   Can I confirm that the batch mode in the Business edition can do this (step d)?
2)   Can I do this (step d in batch mode) without needing to buy the Business edition for the batch mode utility? Is there a cheaper/scale-down version or a separate batch utility for home users like me where I normally record quite a number of shows from free-to-air shows and just using this software to remove adverts?
3)   If not, how much does it cost to upgrade from my Home Edition to a Business Edition?

P.S. There are macro recorders (free ones too) which I can easily use but I thought I would check if I can get a cheaper “integrated” solution first.

Video Splitter / How to register v5?
« on: March 18, 2015, 12:31:38 AM »

I just bought v4 in Feb 2015 and from the upgrade page, I saw that I do get a free upgrade to v5.

I went ahead and install v5 just now but when I used my v4 license key, it said invalid.

May I know how I can get the license key for v5 then?

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