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I have been trying to use the program to edit flv files, the edit works, but whenever I open the video with either Media player classic, or windows media player, neither player is able to seek inside the video, in other words, I can not click on the timeline of the video and go further into the video. I can when I open the edited video inside of your editor, but not in my media players. Any clues what could cause that? If I choose to save the file as mp4, then the file works like it should, but if I leave it as the default of resaving as an flv, that's when it messes up on searching through the file. No real biggy since I can save it as an mp4 which works, just thought I should point out the issue.

I don't know how I just now discovered this, but I found that if i click on one of my 'markers' in my timeline, I can click on 'next k frame' or 'previous k frame' and the 'marker' moves with it. That is so totally useful for checking my edits and easily moving them when I am specifically removing title songs that are stuck in different places inside of video files. Never noticed that before but that is one awesome feature! Don't really need buttons to take you to any of the markers because all you have to do is click on any of them, and the video instantly goes to that time in the timeline! You guys are doing amazing work on getting this wonderful program to work on a larger variety of video files! You guys totally rock!

Great work on the addition of "Apply project settings(intervals, selected streams) on opened files".

The new addition is working good so far, but it would be great if buttons were added next to the 'previous k frame' and 'next k frame' directly under the video that says 'previous marker' and 'next marker' so that you could instantly go to the beginning and end of each segment to verify that they line up the same as with the previous episode. It would mean a great deal to those doing many edits across many episodes as I do.  You maybe should simply make the option available under Control tab once you are certain that it works routinely, seems too hidden under 'Preferences' for such a great addition.

I have no idea how you would succeed at doing mutes on audio parts, that seems like it would be very difficult to implement, seeing how audio tracks are very easy to get out of sync.  Syncing is one of the most difficult thing that most editors seem to get wrong when they are trying to recompile them.  I know that they frequently use 'audio flags', but timing would really be tricky, such as how to set start and end points on a single word or phrase, because audio I would guess are not spaced in any kind of structure like frames in a video, they are usually fractions of seconds, so I wouldn't even be able to guess how you would get the timing down by looking at a video.  You would have to have a display showing audio waves, with sliders to highlight the points that you would want to cut, like what is done in audio editors like Sound Forge or Audacity. I have used many sound editors, to do things like remove unwanted parts to audio files, removing hissing sounds, convert from wave to mp3, and they can be very time consuming.

It sounds like a very difficult challenge.  I personally have not been too bothered by random cussing in movies, if their was just too much in a movie, I would just pass on it.  I have trained my kids to just ignore bad language.  The problem with nudity in movies, is that seeing it, boys and men (like me), have a hard time getting the images out of our head, so I have edited all of our movies to protect my sons from having the issues that go along with being exposed to nudity.

A small issue that I am having with the 3.0 version, is that if I take and do edits strictly by using key-frame to key-frame, the edits are spot on, but if I try to make edits where I would prefer the edit to be (such as not to loose too much story around a nude scene starting-ending), if I go by time-frame (fractions of seconds between key-frames), the resulting edits get parts left behind that were selected to be removed.  I am very familiar with key-frames and there limitations for most editors, but the odd thing is, when I attempt to do the edits, some of the frames just before even a key-frame get left in, in other-wards, information that was between key-frames gets left in the video - such as a few frames of a nude scene get left in the resulting video. "Frame Accuracy Smart Mode"  too me causes me to believe that I could actually get some better ability to edit between key-frames (don't even know how that might be possible without re-encode - but I'm all for it  ;D ).  I don't know if the time-line edits are getting a little off after being sent to 'trim' because of time-codes being in-between key-frames.  I have multi-checked my edits to verify times are right, so it's not an error in my edits, just an error in compiling the trims.  Like I was saying, I tried both ways with the exact same video file (key-frame to key-frame only - and attempting to do edits between key-frames - and tried with some of both).

The link
took me to Hypercam 3.3 not Video Splitter of AVI Editor
I have done screen-capture recording with other software, but I have never used Hypercam. Are you wanting me to try that, or was the link wrong?

Another good feature that would be good to implement, is additional arrow buttons that you could use to "fast forward" and "backwards" in a video file. Make them click-able multiple times to increase the speed forward or backwards at variable speeds - 1 click +2X, 2 clicks +3X, 3 clicks +4x...(not sure exactly what speeds would be best, maybe if I had access to a demo that would give me an option of choosing multipliers to play with adjusting to see what speed increases are optimal, or maybe it could be in the options for an individual to set their own multipliers per click, which would probably be even sweeter!) and then clicking the play or pause button would return back to normal speed in forward mode.  The advantages of this is if you know what scene you are looking for, you can find it more quickly and easier than trying to hole the timeline and sliding it, because the variable speed controls would go through the file much more smoothly than with a mouse.  Its a feature in tmpgenc that works very well, and it would be a great addition to yours as well.

Forgot to mention, the resize and position are being remembered now, must have had too many things going on my computer (multitasking - both me and the computer  :P )

I can not seem to figure out how to contact you directly.  When I click on your profile, an option to send private message does not appear.  All other boards that I am on, you can, so maybe I am just missing something. If you can let me know how to send you a message directly, I can give you my personal information.

I have been editing videos for the last 17 years, so I have dealt with almost every conceivable video file. One feature that stands out the most of your products, is that they don't have to recompile the videos just to do simple edits.  There are some others out there that will, but they will only split the videos into segments, then you have to manually put them back together again (MKV Toolnix,  Boilsoft Video Splitter & Joiner...).  Almost all others want to do a recompile of the videos to just edit out parts, which always results in worse quality, or at least, much bigger files (TMPGenc, Ultra, Handbrake, Video Contertors), they have there place if you are in need of changing formats to work in other devices, but they are no good for just doing edits, and they are very time consuming if every edit requires re-encoding.  Most of us just want to edit out the parts that we don't want, or in movies, don't want parts in there that we don't want our kids to see (nudity, suicides, credits...), which is the main reason why I got into editing, because we started having kids and I wanted to protect them from the bad stuff in movies and also to get as many cartoon series for my kids to enjoy and TV series for my dad who has gotten quite old and doesn't do much anymore but watch what I can get for him. I will post your programs abilities on all the sites that I have access to on their boards, because their are many people who I know would feel the same way as me about your programs abilities.

The beta version that I am using, by the way, is not displaying actual shots from the movies, just looks like about the size of maybe that part of an image from screen in the movie - 1/2"by 1".  I know it should display an actual screen from the video file, but it's not, and if I move through the timeline of the movies, they are not changing.    I have tried with many different video files, but I just can't seem to get it to work.  I don't know if you have ever tried TMPGenc Video Mastering Works (it only does re-encodes), but there timeline with images is extremely well done, and I think that is what you are after with your timeline images.

It really is amazing what you guys are accomplishing with this program, and I really look forward to seeing all that you will be able to add to it.

It would have been the Combined Community Codec Pack 2011-06-26, which was the last one before the newest release.  The other computer had 2010-10-10 installed. I also have the AC3 codec 1.63b intalled, but not on the other system.

I went to
and they just released a newer version of the combined community codec pack
on 11 11 11, and that fixed the hanging issue.  I was using the version just before
that, and it would hang but the new version
fixed it.  Don't know what codec pack others use, but this one has worked well for me.

The Option that I was trying to describe, is where you would drag and drop a new file onto your editor, say the next one in a series, and your programs would keep the same edits in the timeline  (another name for the edits would be the "markers" in "video splitter" or "time fragments" in "avi/mkv trimmer"), that you could then click on each edit, and verify that the edits lined up with the new episode, and then be able to make small adjustments on that file, run the "save" button or the "trim" button or "add task to batch queue", then drag and drop another episode onto the program, same edits  ("markers" or "fragments") display again, and check the edits ("markers" or "fragments"), and so on and so on.

Another option that would be good for your program "AVI MKV Trimmer", would be an option to be able to resize the video preview window, and to remember screen location of the preview window.  I do realize that this is a free program, and that there really is no options in it, and I do understand that you don't want to distract from your main program, its just a suggestion.

Any chance of getting a code for your version 3.0, you have the option "How to get SolveigMM Video Splitter license for free", I would do any and all beta testing, offer suggestions, and post links to all the many sites that I get videos from, because to me, there is no better video editor that has such promise, as the ones that you are producing. I hope that you guys keep up the wonderful work for many years to come. Even if you don't give me a key for your 3.0 version, I will still do all I can to promote your programs, because your hard work deserves recognition that it is available, and that it may well do all that many people just like me have been looking for, just can't tell all that it can do without full version to your 3.0 or be able to give more complete understanding of its abilities.

Thank you guys

I went to
and they just released a newer version of the combined community codec pack
on 11 11 11, and that fixed the audio issue.
Don't know what codec pack others use, but this one has worked well for me.

One feature that would be a great thing to incorporate into the programs, would be an option to remember the time codes when editing many episodes or series.  Many times, the episodes have the exact same time edits, like when the titles play in each episode and when the credits start, so it would be great to not have to find all the edit points each time when they are in exactly the same place, or even if they are just off by a bit, its still easier to adjust minor amounts than have to search through each video file again and again and again....

Another option would be good, would be if you could have a list displayed on the side, that would have each edit listed, so that you could click on any of the edits in the list, and it would highlight in the timeline, then you could make minor adjustments, or delete the edit altogether, then the list would resort itself, but an option to undo the change would also be good, just in case of an accidental change or delete.

Tried the beta, it hangs when it gets to an edit,  doesn't crash, but just hangs there, on a mkv.

The files have been uploaded to
It contains the original file, plus the edited one, plus the time codes that were used in the edit.
I am able to use mkvmerge GUI and split the edits from the original and them append them using mkvmerge (mkvtoolnix - ) and the file plays perfectly.  In the past, I have always used mkvmerge to edit all my mkv files, but if your programs would work, I would spread the word far and wide, because their would be no better mkv editor out there!  It would be awesome to have your visual editor work consistently without having to ever use mkvmerge again.  Your editors would cut the time invested by 5-10 minutes a file.

Video Splitter / 2.5 is now out, any idea when mkv support will be added?
« on: November 12, 2011, 12:46:03 PM »
2.5 is now out, any idea when mkv support will be added?

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