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I downloaded the beta, because with the older version I do not see the files I want to split when I try to open a media file.
When I save media file the split runs until 4% sometimes to 17% but then the program terminates, no error, except from vista saying the program has terminated.
After such a termination I need to reboot to be able to acces that specific video file, the project file is corrupt.
The files seems to be MPEG2 with MPEG1 audio and I believe they are all bigger then 4GB. I already tried 3 different video files.

Next to that, is there gooing to be support for .dvr-ms files? That are files recorded with Vista Media Center. Since I have Vista al my recording are in that format and I don't believe I can change that in MCE Vista.

I like the product. Some older recordings with DVDR from intervideo(?), I was able to succesfully split, but with the older Video Splitter (1.2).

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