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Sorry mate, tried but there's no result.
I'm beggining to think that the problem lies in my XViD video codec.
I use that codec to record some shows via tv card.
Framerate seems to be the cause of audio/video sync problem.

What do you think guys, is it possible?

Can you recommend me some good video codec (DivX quality) to try to record with?

Thanks Dmitry for all the answers, regards to all forum members

Quote from: "Dmitry Vergeles"
Hello coollrc,

Thank you for the feedback.
What is an audio type of AVI and what version do you use?

I use MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3) as an audio, video codec is XViD and version of AVI Trimmer is: 1.6.802.03


I have problem with audio/video synchronization on output trimmed avi file (XViD) when I try middle trim.
When I want to trim it from the beginning sync is ok, but middle trim gives me sync problem.

Thanks for your help in advance, cheers

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