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Yes that is correct it is MPeg 1 Level 2 Audio CBR.  I can send you a small sample if that helps.

I have used the SDK sample to subclip MPeg files and it works quite well.  The one last feature I need to test out is to have the resulting subclip file only contain the left channel of the stereo pair from the source Mpeg file.  I have tried to use but I find that it still includes both sides.    Is there a way in the SDK to only included one of the stereo pairs in the output file?  Thanks

    'Set output audio stream
    Dim iaudio As Integer
    iaudio = 1
    tmpVar = iaudio
    Call m_IModuleConfigVB.SetValueVB(SMM_Defs.SMAT_AudioStreamNumber, tmpVar)

Sorry for not responding sooner.  I had to work on other projects for a while.  Seems upgrading to the latest sp for VB 6.0 fixed this problem.  It was on the VB 6.0 project by the way.


  I'm currently evaluating the SDK.  It looks very useful at the moment but I find that my program doesn't behave itself once compiled.  I'm using it in VB6 sp 6 and the first problem I have encountered is I am not getting the ITrimmerObjControlCB_OnStop when subclipping an MPeg2 file.  Works perfectly in the debugger environment but I've put some trace statements and that function is never called when the operation is complete.  Thanks

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