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Must be my problem only then! Thanks for replying :)

OK, I have searched more for the problem. Firstly here is the original file:

I want 1 fragment from 00:42:56:968 to 00:44:55:314. I tried cutting that on my Windows 7 PC with K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 8.2.0
and if I play it with VLC it stops at 1:29 of the total 2:03 of the trimmed file BUT with the MPC bundled with K-Lite

the file sound plays correctly from 1:29 and beyond.

I have a virtual machine with VMware that have Windows XP on it. I tried the same procedure
and the sound on the output file played correctly both on VLC and MPC!
So something goes wrong with VLC on Windows 7 or something only on my PC :D

I use only RapidShare after the MegaUpload fiasco when I lost 200GB of uploaded sport retro videos.

Hello Hacker?pcs,

Could you please specify if the initial file plays correctly in AVI Trimmer + MKV or any players? May be you have noticed desync while this initial file playback?

It will be also very helpful for us if you could upload the initial file e.g. to And please specify start ans stop positions of fragment(s) were chosen for the output file.
Here is the file:
It isn't the original one, I cut it with mkvmerge GUI to make it smaller.
It can be played correctly both with VLC and Media Player Classic that is bundled with K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 8.2.0.
No there isn't any desync at original file's playback neither in above players nor in AVI Trimmer's interface.
I chose only 1 fragment (the goal) from 00:01:57:476 to 00:03:53:861 and I lose audio from 1:31 of the trimmed video which is 2:05 long.
This may be a very minor problem because if I extract video and audio streams with MKVExtractGUI and mux them back together with mkvmerge GUI, the audio is back in place with no problems. So there must be something wrong with your MKV muxer (SolveigMM Matroska Muxer Version 1.0.1110.11).

Thanks for replying, I hope for a fix soon.

Hi again, is there an ETA on the fix?

Thanks for your reply, I hope a fix be released as soon as possible because your program is very handy and quick (no re-encoding) and it's a shame to have minor problems like these.

When using mkv trimmer, if edit something out in middle, lose audio at end of video for about last 45 seconds.  I take cartoons that I download off the internet that are in mkv format - single audio (a_aac) and I edit out the repeat in each episode (the title sequence), and the credits.
I have the exact same problem with mkv h264/aac files. I use K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 8.1.0 + K-Lite Codec Pack 64-bit 5.6.0. Shouldn't be a codec problem because I can cut the files properly with mkvmerge GUI.

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