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Beta Testing / Re: Splitter 4, auto slicing, AVI, FLV frame accuracy
« on: November 14, 2013, 08:50:05 AM »
Yes I am interested upgrading my license to 4.0 ... can you give me support mail address? I will send my purchase info as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

Beta Testing / Re: Splitter 4, auto slicing, AVI, FLV frame accuracy
« on: November 09, 2013, 09:42:36 AM »
Yes but 3.7 isnt a stable need to do a stable 3.x then you can ask money for 4.x...I dont want a 4.x without a license...that's can choose to give 4.x free to 3.x users...that's fine for can choose to request a payment for the upgrade...that's fine for need to make up your mind as soon as possibile because I want to work with a license and not with a trial version...otherwise I am going to buy other software...

Beta Testing / Re: Splitter 4, auto slicing, AVI, FLV frame accuracy
« on: November 08, 2013, 08:17:22 AM »
This is very disappointing...3.6 stable version of video splitter is bugged and not very useful for need to put out a stable 3.x before working on 4.x...I cant use my license with 4.x...I cant use 3.x stable because bugged...I can pay for a good upgrade...I always buy original software I need...but I dont like to have to make up your mind and very soon...I need to work with your software right now...I dont want 4.x without a license...I paid and I want a license!

Beta Testing / Re: Bug report in Video Splitter 3.7
« on: September 07, 2013, 06:34:03 AM »
Yes right...I can confirm the bug is present in the latest 3.6 stable too!

Beta Testing / Bug report in Video Splitter 3.7
« on: September 01, 2013, 06:21:48 PM »
Hi I was giving a try to Video Splitter 3.7...I just discovered an ugly bug in the "preferences" panel...everytime I click on the "View" section and then I click everything else ( for example another section or the ok button to confirm some changes ) the program crashes. My system is Windows 8 64 bit.

Video Splitter / Re: Big Trimming Problem..
« on: August 25, 2012, 02:20:53 AM »
Hello. The main problem here is  that the AVI container isnt good with H264 video avoid these problems you have to keep the MP4 container or remux in MKV container...

Yes I the next days I am going to test a good number of WebM files...

I am pretty sure some of my files were corrupt...I want to re-download them and then try again the new Video Splitter beta.

Thank you for your hard work! Your support is great!

Beta Testing / I was trying your new WebM features...
« on: August 18, 2012, 07:23:20 AM »
Some files worked...others not...but I think it's a muxing problem...but for now I cant try your WebM compatible beta anymore.

The reason is because I am editing some avi and mkv videos with 2 tracks audio...your WebM beta ( 3.3 ) still crashes when I change the audio track...I reported this bug weeks ago and you made a new 3.2 beta solving the issue...but your 3.2 beta hasnt WebM I cant try the new feature anymore...I hope you could merge your 3.3 beta with the new 3.2 beta...thank you in advance for your support!

Yes I confirm...the bug is gone...thank you very much...

Ok thank you for your support!

Now I have a problem...everytime I change the audio stream in video splitter the program crashes...the issue is still present in the latest beta version.

I tried with both MKV and AVI containers and with both AC3 and MP3 tracks...the program crashes ( generic windows error ) and I cant do nothing...

I have Windows 7 64 bit and the only codec I have installed is AC3 filter ( no Shark codecs, no K-Lite pack, no DivX codec )...but uninstalling it doesnt solve the issue...

Video Splitter / Re: WebM VP8 ( Google video ) support
« on: July 21, 2012, 02:48:30 PM »
Thank you very much...I am going to try the new beta version!

Video Splitter / Re: WebM VP8 ( Google video ) support
« on: April 19, 2012, 11:57:33 PM »
Just wow! Awesome news!

Because nobody was talking about supporting this new format my hopes were low...

You simply rock! Thank you very much for your hard work!

Video Splitter / WebM VP8 ( Google video ) support
« on: April 19, 2012, 10:04:23 AM »

First of all I want to congratulate with you for Video Splitter. It's a great piece of software, easy to use but still very powerful.

I have a huge video library and i need to do lossless split and join. Of course my videos are encoded in various formats ( MKV H264, AVI DivX, Mpeg2, WMV ) and your software is exactly what I need. For this reason when my trial will end I will buy it.

Now the problem is I have a good amount of videos encoded in the new WebM container ( VP8 video codec and Vorbis audio codec ) and of course your software doesnt support this new format ( indeed doesnt exist at the moment a software can do lossless editing of WebM VP8 ) my simple question is if there are plans to support it in the upcoming realeses of Video Splitter.

Thank you in advance for your attention.

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