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Video Splitter / Re: Elecard Evaluation Period Has Expired?
« on: August 24, 2022, 05:59:17 PM »
Hello hurricane51,

Video Splitter shows this message when working in the evaluation mode.
Please check that your copy of the Video Splitter is properly activated (in the "About" window, available at "Help" menu).

If the software is registered, please try to delete the license from the "About" window, then reinstall Video Splitter and activate again.

In case of any issues with the re-activation, please send a message to our technical support with the issue description.

maxim , i still have this issue.. "happy" to see that i'm not the only one to have this problem. the issue is that now, i have this problem with 32 bits version of video spleeter too.

when it's happen, sometimes i'm too confident, i do my split, delete the source file, and check the result sometimes days after , and ...

i'll try the delete licence trick, but, already did this in the past, and after some times, the issue come back, i don't count how many years this problem is there... i tried other split without re encode software but your software still stay the most quick to use one, so i don't move to other company but it's very frustrating.

and as the issue appears completly randomly, it's difficult to check EACH cut, and when we saw it "ok, where i put the source to send to the support ? ho got it"...

i can do 100 cut or more with no issue, and then, on the 101 one the issue happens.

there is still issues with subtitles as well, blocking at the end of a file , like 20 cuts, and the last one freeze... etc.. what else. not possible to join 2 videos with subtitles. the subtitle file is out of sync at some point. etc.

Hello Marty,

Thank you for your post.
You can install both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Video Splitter on your computer and register them with your same license key. This should be possible now.

Thank You !!

Hello Marty,

This is some kind of very specific bug as it is was not regrettably reproduced yet on several different our computers.
So we need some more information to reproduce it at our end.

If it is possible, please send us the original input file that you open in Video Splitter and the project file. You can upload it to any file sharing service, e.g. Google drive ( or

To get the project file open the input file in Video Splitter, set fragments for saving and deleting then go to File menu -> Save project as and select folder to save the project file.

Hi again Olga, to solve the issue, as said, i had to switch to the 32bits version of your software, because it's not happening with it.

as the issue is random, i can't spend one day by installing the x64 version of the software, try lot of videos until it generate the "issue", and then , uninstalling and switching to the 32bits version for normal use etc... is it possible to give me a temporary possibility to run both version at the same time, until i can find and send you a file where the issue appears, source and destination + the project ? it was more easier before, when the licence could be used on both version, but it's not possible anymore. thanks.

(sorry for the late reply, i didn't got a notification of your reply).

I see that your software is part of the Elecard company which make this codec, so hope that at some point a solution could be find.

Hello Marty,

Thank you, I've received files and reproduced the issue at our end.
We should investigate it.
As soon as there will be any news on it, we will let you know.

Thanks !

Dear Marty,

Could you please resend your email as we have not found it?
Thank you!

i resent it through private message in the forum, hoping you'll get it. Thanks.

Hello Marty,

Thank you for you reply.
Most likely the reason for the hang is now different.
Could you please upload for us the input file and the project file?
You can use as usual any file host service, e.g. Google drive ( or

file / mail sent to the support link. thanks ;) !

Hello Marty,

The issue below was fixed in the released Video Splitter 7.6.2201.27 version, please download it here:

Just tried the video file of my project told in the previous post by redoing the whole cut without using the project : it Hangs on the same part :(.. I hit cancel, and Software crashed. :(
I reloead the backup, removed the subtitle track from the stream selection, and the cut went ok. :(

Edit : other project went fine, so maybe related to an issue with the subtitle track ?

Hello Marty,

The issue below was fixed in the released Video Splitter 7.6.2201.27 version, please download it here:

hi, just loaded a project which was crashing before in the previous version. Noticed that in the stream, the subtitle was "unchecked", so checked it again. did a new cut on it, and .. it's hanging at part 5 on 8... (didn't checked yet the cut with a file not using project..). that would mean that starting from a project musn't be done ? (and so i'll have to redo all the cuts done on projects that i saved in the past waiting that it will be fixed). it's just to be sure, redoing all the cuts are not a big deal, it's just to be sure.

Hello Marty,

The issue you have reported at this topic was fixed in the version 7.6.2201.27 of Video Splitter, you can download it here:

Wow !! Thank you very much !! finally !! lol. unfortunatly as said in an another topic, the "Elecard" trial issue is back on the 64 bits version :( ... so i'm back at using the 32 bits version.
I'll test the subtitle fix immediatly, if it's definitively fixed, it's already a big step.

hope the Elecard one can be investigated as well and fixed too. Maybe writing to the developpers of the codec, they certainly heard about such issue, if not possible to reproduct it at your office.

Dear Olga,

guess what ?

I'm under Windows 11 x64 , and the bug is BACK ! so it's not anymore an issue on my side, but clearly a bug or a licence problem with your software ! it's happening again in the 64 bits version of your software... I erased the source file of my videos , thinking everything was ok as "usual", i check the destination and ... "here it is, again.." I lost my files...

same issue as this one :

"I have a logo showing Elecard in the up corner of the preview video. can't remove it. i see it's in the list of codec used by your sofware. and tonight, while doing my favorite game, splitting video, i got a "trial ended of elecard, blablabla purchase proper blablabla"

Hello Marty,

Thank you for your post.

As I've already wrote via support email, regrettably we have not reproduced this issue with Elecard logo at our end. We have checked this on several PCs.

Please send us log files for we could find out the problem reason with Elecard logo.

Here is how to get them:

Thank you.

Hi Marty,

thank you for keep pinging us ) We just missed it at some point, but supporting of subtitles is important.
Keep an eye on updates, we should fix it somewhere in Jan.

Thanks !

Hi Marty,

Sorry you experience these issues. Do we talk about a bug or some missed feature?
We will re-check it with our team and let you know whats going on.

We're talking about a 3 years old reported bug using SRT subtitle when they are used with a H264 Mp4/Mkv video. i sent numerous files and report here or in private to the support about it. they could reproduce the issue and was "telling here when a fix would be done", but it has never been done.

On a lot of video files I use with your software, I have a Mp4 video file (H264) + an external SRT, or a MKV with external or internal SRT file.

what's happening ?

by importing "one video" only, and after put markers and launch the cut processing, at some points, the processing stop. it's freeze totally, only way to continue is to click on cancel.

only way to have the whole video cut is to open the stream selector (right click on the video screen preview) select stream, and uncheck the subtitle track. then I relaunch the processing and everything is working, but we loose the subtitle track, and must redo all the subtitles sync and do the cut with an external software.

when doing it in batch using several videos, it's worst. the subtitles are out of sync. So i don't do any batch process when using subtitles.

They are other bugs... like sometimes a video refuse to process after some marks (with or without subtitle), cancel do nothing, and only way is to force the close of the video. sometimes the software crash. when you cut a 1 hour or 2 hours video and you lost all the work, after a while it can be a "bit" boring.

I'm starting to do my cut again in a Pro video software (Vegas Pro 19) when i don't need subtitle , because after a while, it's very very boring. your software work well, fast, but ... loosing hours of work can be a lot of boring, especially when the "backup" save didn't work and we must redo everything.

January 2019 !!

" Maxim.Sakhankov

Re: 7.0 not working with external srt subtitle and generate empty srt file
« Reply #5 on: January 24, 2019, 03:52:07 PM »
Hello Marty,
After checking your files I think I found 2 different issues:
1) When you load a project with an external subtitles or restore from a backup copy of the project after a crash, the external subtitles stream is disabled for trimming.
2) When you load more then 1 file to the timeline and save the output file - only subtitles from the first file are saved.

I'll post here when the fix is available."

Hi Marty,
All are alive, we were just busy with other things.

ok, i understand, but hope the subtitles fix will appears at some points... 3 years is a long time for a fix lol... Your software work great, but this issue make it want to explode the screen and the computer each time it happens... work ok during few cuts, and then freeze, and only way to have to process the video is to remove the subitile, and we must then redo the whole sync :(. It forbidd to do any serious thing..


Sorry that you have such experience with work with our product.
As soon as there will be any fixes with editing files with srt subtitles, we will post them here.

the last time someone from Solveig told this was in January 2019... is the company dead ? the software dead ? Thanks for "any" answer.

Re: 7.0 not working with external srt subtitle and generate empty srt file
« Reply #5 on: January 24, 2019, 03:52:07 PM »

Hello Marty, After checking your files I think I found 2 different issues:
I'll post here when the fix is available."

I just checked both 32 and 64 bit versions and could not reproduce the problem you described. Could you please let me know what file you try to open when you see  the watermark

hi thanks to have tried , but this issue went away with the clean re install of windows. (clean install of windows 11).
Certainly a codec registered issue with the elecard one, maybe because of an another software, and which impacted my system on win10 backk then.
for now, issue has not been reproduced.

the 3 mains issues i still have now are (these are reported since a long time and since many years), some were already there in the 6th version. :

1/ the subtitle one (it's blocking the rendering of many videos (cut), Mp4 or Mkv, and to have these parts cut, i need to remove the subtitles from the layer window (right click on the picture). it's usually the end of the videos (the last or several last cuts on a video (sometimes it's doing it at the beginning o in the middle, but it's more rare). if i click on cancel, the last cut is saved but with zero subtitle.

(i don't use anymore the 32 bits version, the licence doesn't allow anymore the use of both software at the same time, but sometimes, the processing issue (the one blocked by the subtitle) was appearing differently depending of which version, so a project saved in a 64 bits version could work in a 32 one and vice versa, but most of the time it was not working.).

I have a lot of project saved and which can't be cut and wait a possible fix because of this. :(

2/ there is a sync issue with SRT while cutting several videos imported in batch. only way is to do it is processing one video at a time and not using the batch and redoing the sync  with a subtitle editor :(. the generated srt has a shift in the subtitles, and must be resync. someone told that the first subtitle of the srt were cut, and everything was shifted, but it's an old message here.

3/ if we put a marker on the jonction between 2 videos in a batch import, the software can freeze and need to be closed by force (task manager) and reloaded. I thought at first by the comment of the support here, that it was an issue related to my hardware jog (Shuttle express from counter design) but the same issue happened recently bu using my keyboard to put the markers.

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