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Video Splitter / XP SP1 and AVI files freeze
« on: October 30, 2011, 05:28:20 PM »
I use XP-SP1. Each time I load an AVI file into solveigg splitter the program freeze in the avi loading process. I notice that its an issue of XPSP1 because its working perfectly in XPsp2/3.

I really need to use XPSP1 because I can use all my 4GB ram using PAE. In XPSP2 the PAE limit is 3gb.

I tried to install all kind of codec packs and splitter.. but maybe the problem is that default Microsoft AVIsplitter is always used by default in certain programs like solveig.

Same avi videos that freeze solveiggmm splitter also freeze video players as wmplayer or potplayer.
Using potplayer I solved the problem using the internal-potplayer-avi splitter, instead the system default one.

I tried installing matroska splitter to decode AVIs and avoid use the Microsoft avi splitter.. but Im not able to set it as prefered one in my system.

Any Microsoft AVI splitter update from XPsp1 to sp2 is avaible? maybe something missing?

Sorry if This is totally offtopic, but you are truly experts and I dont know other sources to ask.
Thanks friends.

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