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SolveigMM AVI Trimmer / AVI Trimmer - Useful, but not 100%
« on: September 11, 2008, 02:30:52 AM »
I just downloaded AVI Trimmer yesterday, as i'm editing some holiday videos of my wife and I that i ripped from my DVD Camcorder to AVI using DVDFab Platinum 4, as i want to include titles and edit things that i can no longer do to the original disc using the camcorder, as i finalised the disc so i didn't lose precious memories.

It edits my endpoints, but ignores start times, and it has done it with every chapter of our DVD, plus other random videos. Say if i have a 12 minute chapter, and i want to cut 6 seconds of a fade from the beginning, it doesn't do it. When i cut as much as i want off the end, it works, but i want to do the beginning 6 seconds too!

Other than that, it is awesome, but useless to me for what i need it for. I really want it to work. Using Nero Vision and Windows Movie Maker works, but they are lossy, and sometimes go out of sync.

I think this program should be open sourced, and put on SourceForge. I am positively sure it will get a massive following, and bugs will get fixed much quicker, and support will be better, as Dimitry seems to just give the same answer from what i've seen. As my wife and I are programmers, opensourcing it will allow us to bug fix too. I really like this app, it's cute (as my wife said! ^__^)

Would Solveig be prepared to do it? As it is free, it will possibly save them money too, as SourceForge is mostly volunteers. I would back it all the way!

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