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I am trying the feature in version 6 to select fragments from multiple clips into a single file. It is a great idea.

Using the n and m keys i am able to select and cut fragments.However, some fragments get automatically removed from the storyboard, and others don't.

I tried using the d command to explicitly remove a fragment from the storyboard preview, but it did not do this.

So the storyboard preview is not a 'clean' rendition of just the clip fragments that have been selected.

Please can you direct me to instructions on how to explicitly control which fragments are displayed in the storyboard?


  I noticed when splitting AVCHD files (.MTS) that I am getting a 'clccard' watermark displayed on the top right-hand corner of the split file for a few moments at the beginning.

  I am using version 2.4.1108.22 .

  I also have ffdshow rev 4225 installed (2012-01-05 version).

  I am not sure if this is due to Solveig splitter or an encoder it may be invoking from the ffdshow library.

  Is there a way to ensure there is no clccard watermark in the split file?

Kind regards,


Video Splitter / Feature requests
« on: September 22, 2010, 12:12:39 AM »
As a Video Splitter user I had a couple of ideas that might make it even more awesome! Other people may also have ideas so I have taken the liberty of starting a thread to collect these.

Hopefully the design team will be able to assess these and decide if they can be included in future!

My requests are:

1. Simple volume slider to control playback volume. Useful when editing with Video Splitter and using other media apps at the same time - if the media file being edited with Video Splitter is higher in volume, the volume level can be lowered in relation to other apps.

2. Ability to provide a name for a selected fragment before 'Save All Fragments As'. For example, say I put a marker at points A and B in the clip, and select this fragment for splitting. If there was a 'Name' option as part of the right-click menu then I could right-click fragment AB, select 'Name' which could open a textbox to provide a filename.
   When performing 'Save All Fragments' this could use the 'Name' if specified.
    Any fragments that did not have a 'Name' specified could then be treated using the general naming rule as is done currently. So people that just want to use what is currently available would not be affected.
    Another option could be to use a Fragment Properties option (instead of 'Name') in the menu - the 'Name' could be one of the Properties. This might allow for other user-defined Properties (such as 'Folder' to allow different fragments in the same clip to be saved to different folders) to be added easily. 
   This would help my workflow tremendously!

Video Splitter / Support for AVCHD?
« on: June 12, 2010, 06:43:07 PM »

  I was wondering whether there was an update (2.3?) coming to support AVCHD?

  From one of the other posts I noticed there is an alpha 2.3.911.6 version which supports AVCHD. I have been using this quite successfully, but it does not have support for MPEG layer 1. I noticed version 2.2 has been updated to support MPEG layer 1, but I have not updated to that version yet as I need to be able to edit AVCHD footage.

  If it is possible to get an updated 2.3 alpha/beta load that includes the MPEG layer 1 support then that might help ... I could then help test as well!



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