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HyperCam / Suggestion: Audio Source
« on: April 24, 2009, 02:24:59 AM »
It seems that the Alpha is hard coded with the inputs "Line In" and "Microphone".  With the statement in the previous topic of "...or just grab a  movie from some software player", it seems that a much more useful approach would be to enumerate the sound device sources on the PC and present those as a choice.  If it's supposed to be doing that already then something's not working as I am missing "What U Hear" and "S/PDIF-In" as choices for my device.

Most commonly when recording from the screen with other programs, I use what one of my sound cards calls "Stereo Mix" and another calls "What U Hear".  This approach would also allow the use of microphone mixed over any program audio when recording training videos.

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