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Beta Testing / Re: SolveigMM HyperCam 3.0 Beta is out
« on: July 07, 2009, 05:02:48 AM »
Downloaded 3.0.907.3, Update just a few minutes ago and recorded a region on screen.
My config:
1. Windows XP SP3 with 4GB RAM, IE 8
2. The taskbar is vertically aligned on the Left hand side.
3. Have ffdshow installed as my default video codec

Bug repro:
1. Selected a region on screen and started recording
2. HyperCam minimized itself to the taskbar, however its buttons were hidden
3. Had to alt-tab and get to the main window to stop recording. I recorded about 15 seconds of video.
4. Once I stopped recording, ffdshow (codec) popped up to chose playback option and I selected always use ffdshow
5. I stopped recording - Google Talk which was running crashed.
6. Immediately, IE 8 crashed followed by Firefox
7. My taskbar refreshed and expanded to display application titles to 15 chars.

Pic of the taskbar post crash.[img=]

I think, one possibility for this behaviour could be the codec.


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