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Video Splitter / Re: AVI frame accuracy trimming. Testing
« on: September 10, 2010, 05:30:24 AM »
the beta is very unreliable when it comes to frame accuracy trimming.

I noticed the following problems:
1.) wmv - audio is always out-of-sync, not a single file had correct audio. Audio is always in advance, the video which the audio belongs too is show up 10-20 seconds later then the sound for it
2.) some avi's make the trimming process hang (for example one avi always got stuck at 39% trimming, but worked when I had frame accuracy disabled)
3.) wmv - trimmer often produces very small files (only a few KB) on first try, if you try again it trimms ok (with above problems)
4.) big avi files in HD quality: Trimming is not exact. Especially with big files it seems that the trimming is not accurate, it always encodes 1-2 seconds before the actual trimming point
5.) you can not switch from frame accuracy to non-frame accuracy and enable k-frames navigation and markers if you still have markers set from the frame-accuracy mode. It makes the trimmer hand when you try to trim.

All-in-All Frame accuracy trimming seems not yet very stable and usability is quite limited with wmv's always beeing out-of-sync in audio and I don't want to convert them to avi or else I wouldn't use a lossless trimmer. BTW: are there any plans to support .mp4 files in the next release?

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