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Hello Dwight,

Unfortunately we have not reproduced the issue with editing of your file with subtitles at our end.

Please let us know the details of your actions and what happens with Video Splitter after each action.

Or, it will be very helpful for us if you could record your actions in Video Splitter and the issue that you have with any screen capturing software. For example you can use HyperCam.
You can download it here:

Thank you in advance.

Video Splitter / Re: How to Set Keep Mode or Cut Mode?
« on: July 04, 2024, 05:43:28 PM »
Hello proposedcry,

Thank you for your post.
In version 8 there is no Keep Mode and Cut Mode.
If you would like to use these modes, you can try Video Splitter for Mac.

Here is the instruction on how to use it:

Hello Dwight,

Thank you.
We have downloaded files.
At this time we are working with these files to check them. As soon as there will be any news about the problem, we will let you know.

Hello Dwight,

Thank you for your reply.

Could you please provide the access to the files at Google drive?
I've sent you the request.

Thank you.

Hello Dwight,

Thank you for your post.

Do you use the latest version of Video Splitter available for download here?

If there will be the issue with the latest version, then could you please send us the original input file that you open in Video Splitter? You can upload it to any file sharing service, e.g. Google drive ( or

Here is the guideline on how to upload files if needed.

Здравствуйте, Bratello!

Спасибо за ваше сообщение.
К сожалению, мы не исправляем проблемы в устаревших версиях Video Splitter.
Рекомендуем вам попробовать установить последнюю версию 8 программы и отредактировать с ней ваш файл, тем более что она уже может содержать исправление данной проблемы.

Загрузить последнюю версию программы можно на ее домашней странице:

Поможет ли вам это?

Hello villagetunic,

Thank you for your post.
Yes, unfortunately the "Add marker + Invert timeline" button is not yet added to Video Splitter.
If we add it, we will post the news here.

Meanwhile, you can use "Invert timeline fragments" button that is currently included to the latest version 8 of Video Splitter.

Video Splitter / Re: Can/how do I edit a MP3 file?
« on: May 13, 2024, 05:16:39 PM »
Hello jamesharper,

Thank you for your post.
Sure, if you need to delete some fragment from your mp3 file and save the rest, you can use Video Splitter for this task.
Please see the guideline on How to edit mp3 file with Video Splitter by the link below:

would it also be possible to increase the bass on said files?
Unfortunately this is not possible at the present time with Video Splitter.
We will possibly add this feature to its next releases.

Video Splitter / Re: preserving closed captions in ts file
« on: May 07, 2024, 07:03:33 PM »
Hello jorgean,

Thank you for your post.
Yes, this option is available only for Business Edition version of Video Splitter.

Hello lyat,

Thank you for your post.

Please check if this option is enabled before the splitting: go to Tools / Preferences / View tab / enable "Show trimming stats" option.

Will it help you?

Здравствуйте nbb1967!

Спасибо за ваше сообщение.
Мы обсудим с командой возможность добавления данной функции.
В случае появления версии Video Splitter с возможностью делать скриншоты в PNG, мы разместим ее в этой теме.

Video Splitter / Re: preserving closed captions in ts file
« on: April 26, 2024, 02:49:01 PM »
Hello araset,

Thank you for your post.
The editing of subtitles in TS files is not yet available by Video Splitter.
We will possibly add such support to the next releases of Video Splitter.
If such version appear, we will post the news here.

Currently supported file formats by Video Splitter and subtitles supported formats could be found here in "Supported formats" section:

And also is there option to set audio delay?
This feature is not yet supported by Video Splitter.

Video Splitter / Re: I have question
« on: April 22, 2024, 01:53:12 PM »
Hello olgakrvavych,

Thank you for your post.

If we will have the updated version of Video Splitter with these features, we will post the information here.

You can also subscribe to our news here, at the bottom of the page in the "Subscribe for our newsletter" section:

Have a good day!

Video Splitter / Re: I have question
« on: April 12, 2024, 04:29:46 PM »
Hello Herfeempable89,

Thank you for your post.

In current version of Video Splitter you can "mute video"only on the whole file/all saved fragments.
For this you need select fragmens for saving as usual, then go to Control / Select streams menu and disable icon of scissors near the video stream.

We will possibly add feature to disable video on the selected fragment in the next releases of Video Splitter.

2) extend the last video frame, and just freeze it, for the duration of the segment?

Unfortunately this feature is not yet available in Video Splitter. Possibly we will add it in future.

Video Splitter / Re: Video splitting doesn't work in new version
« on: April 12, 2024, 01:38:04 PM »
Hello BohdanZPM,

Thank you for files you have sent us.
We have reproduced the issue at our end.
As soon as it will be fixed, we will post the update.

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