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Ah I got it I have to press some keys to fix it. When I want to record now a video all time hypercam crashes. This happens only with XviD codec.  :-\
When I do some motion analysis in solidWorks using XviD everything is rendering fine. Just Hypercam3 is always crashing.

EDIT: Also if I use a predefined profile in XviD (720 for example) Hypercam3 starts recording (without crashing)  but never finishes encoding or working so the only thing I can do is killing the Process in the task manager.
Screenrecording with some outdated microsoft codec results in very poor quality and big filesize.
I'm very unhappy with this software.
So I will do some testing on a different Computer at home with this software maybe I can get some better result there.

kind regards

No the portable Version of Hypercam3 is already registered correctly.
The issue with the XviD is solved but now I just have another one:

If I do the setup and stuff I choose to record a specific area on the screen which would be recorded. But somehow this area is sticky to my mouse movement.
How can I place and fix the area on screen so that it is not moving with my mouse all time?

Hey! I did it!
I've uninstalled the currently used - and then reinstalled the XviD codec from this site: and now also XviD is recognized by Hypercam.
Strangely other softwares werde abel to use the installed XviD codec before the reinstallation.
Thanks for help anyway Olga.
kind regards

Hello Olga

Thank you for your answer. Yes, as I've installed the portable version I uset the actual version from the download site. Now I've also tried to do full installation but also there the XviD Codec is not available for selecting in the codec list neither on Auto,avi nor asf when setting the output format list.
Just when I tried to register with my license/serial number the message was popping up that it is a wrong serial used. Maybe because I'v already used the full comercial license for registering the portable version.
EDIT: I just had a look at the ordering information, and the serial I'm using is just for portable installation only. So the software is running in trial mode, but also no XviD Codec is selectable.

thanks for help
kind regards

Hello I'm very new to Hypercam
I'v done a portable installation on the NetworkDrive and also installed the XviD codec on my system drive.
When I start Hypercam the codec does not show up in the settings for recording.
So my question is how I can get Hypercam tio recognize the insalled codecs to utilize them for recording screenvideos? Is it maybe becauser i did a portable installation?
I already tried to move the portable folderstructure on my local computer but the XviD codec also doesn't shoew up in the settings.
Thanks in advance for help
kind regards

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