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Hi Marty,
All are on board, no worries :)
Sorry for delay this week it's state vacation in Russia. You'll get reply tomorrow.
Stay tuned :)

Solveig Multimedia, a leader in video editing and customizable multimedia, announces a new edition of its Zond 265 – HEVC Video analyzer, version 4.1. Solveig Multimedia and its partner nablet will showcase the new software and functionality at NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 9–12, 2018 (booth SU13713).

For over five years, Zond 265 has been the best-in-class tool for analyzing the 'High Efficiency Video Coding' (HEVC/H.265) standard. SolveigMM empowers software developers with a HEVC bit stream analyzer – instrumental to design and implementation of H.265-compliant codecs. The software reveals NAL information, frames types, frames sizes, time stamps, decoding/display order counters, bits distribution between frame elements, coding units data and more details.

Zond 4.1 now supports the Netflix's Video Multi-method Assessment Fusion (VMAF) metric for quality estimation. The software leverages VMAF to compare an original YUV file with a preloaded video file. Correlating with human perception, this metric enables more precise video assessment after compression. Since relying on manual visual testing at all times proves unrealistic, VMAF attempts to address the issue by utilizing samples from Netflix content to help design and validate the algorithms.

The latest Zond edition comes on the heels of a major update – version 4 – that greatly expanded the product’s compatibility matrix. The novelties of Zond 265 v4 encompassed

AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) codec support in WebM format
MPEG-2 codec support as video elementary stream
HEVC Screen Content Coding Extension (SCC) support, and more
Netflix VMAF. How to measure video quality with VMAF in Zond

Netflix VMAF. How to measure video quality with VMAF in Zond

Андрей привет, а что за камера, с мобильного?
дай плз кусок исходного файла посмотреть. мы в сплиттере давно хотели порешать задачу вращения, т.к щас много таких проблем

Video Splitter / Re: No DTS/AC3 internal codec?
« on: September 30, 2017, 03:11:05 AM »
Hi Olie,

You are right, we don't ship audio decoders due to lisenses issues, as its really hard to obey all license fees for 50 bucks product.

So you can preinstall the codecs from free codec packs, and portable version should use them I believe.

there is no option to load any additional DLL to folder (

Video Splitter / Re: Support for HEVC x265?
« on: September 30, 2017, 03:06:36 AM »
Hi guys,

Thank you for your interest and sorry for delay with that (

At the moment we are improving HEVC editing itself, and as it is not released yet MKV was not added as well. PLease give us 2-4 months and you'll get it.


Hi Hobedtor, it's good idea about scene changes and many thumbnails lines .
Meanwhile i'd suggest to use timline zoom, to better find the  right scene. frame mode zoom is also available.

Hi Berni,
Could you show at your scheme start-stop frames you set cutting cues to?

Video Splitter / Re: How to switch OFF "frame accuracy Smart Mode)?
« on: July 14, 2017, 09:23:43 PM »
Hi Ollie,

Are you sure you use oficial version from our web site?
If you download it from 3rd party sites it can be hacked and viruses can be there.


Hello all,

In case you are interested in smart editing of HEVC  MP4, Transport Stream files with our SDK, we prepared some preliminary demo.
please test it and send us your feedback/questions.

Here is updated 64 bits SDK to support MP4 with HEVC frame accuracy editing.

for testing please use command line tool SMM_BatchSplit.exe.

Example of command line string:
"C:\Program Files\Solveig Multimedia\SolveigMM Video Editing SDK x64\Bin\release\SMM_BatchSplit.exe" trim.xtl

Sample of trim.xtl  to feed to SMM_BatchSplit.exe.

Code: [Select]
<timelines version="2">
                               <group output="D:\tests-hevc\output\Sample-HEVC-MC-preset1080p_0001.mp4">
                                               <track video="1" audio="1" text="0" accuracy="frame">
                                                               <clip src="D:\tests-hevc\input\Sample-HEVC-MC-preset1080p.mp4" start="84000000" stop="1000000000" timeFormat="100ns_units"/>
                                                               <clip src="D:\tests-hevc\input\Sample-HEVC-MC-preset1080p.mp4" start="1050000000" stop="16089000000" timeFormat="100ns_units"/>


Всем привет,

да действительно, много поступало жалоб на изменения в дизайне. попробуем пояснить зачем это сделано.

в 6й версии мы сделали переход от работы с одним файлом на таймлайне к множеству файлов на едином таймлайне.
для этого мы вынуждены были поменять всю логику работы программы. с дальнейшим расширением - наложения эффектов и переходов, мы так и так уперлись бы в новый интерфейс.
к сожалению это необходимое зло для дальнейшего развития. поддерживать одновременно старый и новый интерфейс конечно возможно, но сложно по ресурсам.

все что мы можем делать, это максимально улушить новый интерфейс на основе пожеланий наших клиентов. что мы и пытаемся делать.

Video Splitter / Re: Wishes for the programm....
« on: November 01, 2016, 08:53:24 AM »
Hi Hobedtor,

Thank you for your detailed feedback, it's valuable information!
I wish to have the possibility to play a video faster: 2x,3x,4x. Its possible to jump in the video, but that's not the same.
got it.

The storyboard pictureview is good, but should could be organized in more lines, (or second Monitor or window) that would show incoming scenes earlier and would offer more overview.

Not sure if I got the idea. Could you give some example in screenshot?

The zoom function is good, but I wish to have one or two more between 1s and picturemode: half second and qarter second for example.
got it

Also it would be nice to have a really display zoomfunction at the pitcurepreview, because the thumbs are tiny in a longer run, if you want to find the right scenes.

Do you mean Zoom of thumbnails in timeline?

The film holestrips on both sides are a nice gimmick but not necessary and rather hindering.
Which ones?

Btw today we updated the verison with some modifications. zoom and video/audio swithchers went down. Please have a look.

Всем привет,

встречайте наше первое Андроид приложение(бесплатное) - TriMP4

TriMP4 позволяет пользователям смартфонов редактировать видео перед тем, как поделиться с друзьями. Программа работает с форматом MP4. С помощью редактора можно удалить ненужные фрагменты видео всего за пару кликов.
Редактор поддерживает точность до ключевого кадра, сохраняя исходное качество изображения,
и не используя процессы перекодирования.

Среди возможностей приложения:
•   Интуитивный интерфейс и простая навигация
•   Встроенный видео-проигрыватель
•   Редактирование с точностью до ключевого кадра
•   Возможность выбора режимов редактирования «только видео» и «только аудио»
•   Сохранение ориентации видео


SolveigMM Video Editing SDK / free opensource AVI Demuxer from SolveigMM
« on: November 13, 2015, 12:58:20 AM »
Hi guys,

we've just uploaded to GitHub our AVI Demuxer to be used in Video Splitter project, under MIT license. Please feel free to use, as Microsoft one is quite buggy in Windows 10.

мы не используем ffmeg.  вернее используем для совсем редких случаем. у нас свой движок. как тему переименовать? :)

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