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SolveigMM Video Editing SDK / Mute certain parts of my movie
« Last post by Bluphix on Yesterday at 09:15:33 PM »
Hello.  I recently purchased this software and I was trying to mute the sound on several parts of my movie. Which went perfect up until i saved the file.  Once I saved the file the took out parts of my movie in between the mutes.  Can I get a little help please.  Thanks!  I look forward to being here.
Video Splitter / spolive
« Last post by spolive on Yesterday at 05:35:27 PM »
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HyperCam / Re: Desktop Duplication API - Dual Display
« Last post by GarySprague on January 22, 2022, 06:47:08 PM »
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General Discussion / SolveigMM Video Splitter Alternatives
« Last post by jeansboutiqueandmore on January 22, 2022, 05:24:37 PM »
SolveigMM Video Splitter is portrayed as 'remarkable video editorial manager to work with pre-compacted AVC/H264, MP4, MOV, AVCHD, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, MKV, AVI, WMV, MP3, WMA documents' and is a Video Editor in the Video and Movies class. There are in excess of 25 options in contrast to SolveigMM Video Splitter for an assortment of stages, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Online/Web-based and Android. The best option is Avidemux, which is both free and Open Source.
SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plug-In /
« Last post by shaunagrant363 on January 22, 2022, 12:12:55 PM »
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SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plug-In /
« Last post by shaunagrant363 on January 22, 2022, 12:12:36 PM »

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Google’s Android 12 GO
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For our website :-
Hello Marty,

This is some kind of very specific bug as it is was not regrettably reproduced yet on several different our computers.
So we need some more information to reproduce it at our end.

If it is possible, please send us the original input file that you open in Video Splitter and the project file. You can upload it to any file sharing service, e.g. Google drive ( or

To get the project file open the input file in Video Splitter, set fragments for saving and deleting then go to File menu -> Save project as and select folder to save the project file.
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