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« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2009, 04:59:40 AM »
Hello lmnowels ,
Thank you for feedback.

PLease be aware the plugin operates with K-frame accuracy for wmv but with frame one for MPEG-2 files.
As for your task it is hard to predict what GOP structure your file has.

Just try to cut off the first part and see if it possible at all.
Dmitry Vergeles
Solveig Multimedia

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« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2009, 03:29:55 PM »
I read the answer on inaccurate trimming. I was trying to take the first 2 seconds off from a WMV file. Is there any way to do that? (My file starts with the audio word "recording." If I could somehow lop that off, my video would work for my purposes. But, I must be hitting my head against that constraint you described.)
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