Author Topic: Feature suggestion: Join manager, advanced info to solve incompatible parameters  (Read 7374 times)
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feature Goal is made join without re-encode all files but re-encoding only some files making them compatible with selected/s files using the correct encoding parameters suggested by SolveigMM Video Splitter.

When with some apps we force join video files for example with similar (but not same) h264 encoding parameters (using same codec and resolution but different settings like cabac, trellis, quantiser parameters etc), the joined file can causes glitch and frame corruptions when played usually near join points.
But if find near-same/compatible parameters then we can (at least try to) join with also if are used different h264 encoders and the joined file can play often without problems or frame corruptions.

Is good if join manager when we load and try to join files with different parameters tell exactly wich files in list are compatible togheter and such other, for example marking files with different colours, using same color when compatible between them, and/or when we click/select a video file in join manager list mark with green all compatible files and with red all non compatible regarding selected file.

Then we select which file/s we don't want to re-encode, and MM Video Splitter tell us detailed parameters (like if use cabac, trellis, and other parameters) for re-encode other files to make it compatible for joining.

video analysis can be made reading encoding parameters for x264 and x265 (encoding parameters usually tagged on file), then MM Video Splitter try to decode and give to user encoding parameters and if feasible also encoding command line, warning about possible play/frame corruptions and at which time on joined file (near joining points)
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