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hello dmitry

when im trying to save my new avi file im always making a new file. FI the original movie is called uprising, so my new file will be called uprising 2. I place uprising2 at the desktop, so it is easy to find back.
I still dont know what is going wrong.

Do you have any idea about putting some dutch subs at a movie. Beacause all subs i doawnload are starting right away but the first sentence spoken is said after the first 30 secs. So what can i do bout that?


i just readed this forum but i still have an error trimming a downloaded movie called uprising. Uprising is an 1,36 gb avi file and i want to cut out the first 30 seconds (that would syncromise the subs). So when i do this, solveig mm video trimmer cant get futher then 99%. First it says: now splitting the sequence...
After 99% it says: CDSPlayer::PlayerThreadProc() Unexpected error. (hr = 0x80004005). Ive already downloaded the lates version. So could anybody help me out please?

Now (20 minutes later) I tried to cut off a much bigger piece (i had just 30 secs left) nad this worked fine. So does anyone know how i am able to cut off the small part and save a much bigger part?

kind regards

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