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SolveigMM Video Editing SDK / VB.NET sample "for Dummies" needed
« on: July 02, 2010, 04:19:57 PM »

I had a look at the SDK documentation and at the VB.NET sample code.
I am new to VB.NET and I would like to test the SDK using VB.NET (VB 2010 Express)
I dont really understand the entire VB.NET sample code, so I wonder if somebody can post a "mini-version" of sample code :

Basically what I try to do is to write a very simple application that can trim a  .avi file (XVid)

So would I'd need is :
-a short description about what references (.DLLs etc) must be added to an empty VB project
-some lines of code that do basic functions like:
   -initialize objects
   -open a source .avi/XVid file   (for example "c:\test.avi")
   -define a target .avi/XVid file (for example "c:\test-cut.avi")
   -set some ranges (start/stop positions) in milliseconds for the cut areas (for example 10000-15000 and 50000-55000)
   -start the cut (trim) process
   -close everything after finished
 No GUI elements, errorchecking etc. needed
 For distributing a VB.NET application that use SDK elements:
 - what files (.dll etc.)  need to be distributed together with compiled .exe?
 - Can I install my VB application just by copy the .exe and other files to a programm-directory or must I to use setup.exe/installer and register (regsrv) files?
 thank you very much

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