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No success with the CoreAAC directshow filter.

I also reloaded the K-lite Mega Mega Codec Pack but chose version 7.50 available from

The ffdshow audio configuration listed the libfaad audio codec as installed, but still no luck.

Further thoughts welcomed. The MP4 file was generated using a Kodak Playsport camcorder. In SolveigMM Video Splitter, the video is listed as MPEG4 AVC and audio as AAC.


I seem to be having a similar problem with Video Splitter 2.4 beta

When trying to upload a .mp4 file with aac video codec I also get the message

"canĀ“t render an audio stream (AAC)"

Looking at the ffdshow audio decoder configuration the AAC codec is specified as libavcodec rather than the libfaad2 codec stated above. This seems standard in the latest version of K-lite codec pack 7.6.0 which states

 ffdshow now uses libavcodec instead of libfaad2 for decoding AAC

Can anyone recommend a way around this?


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