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I've digitized old VHS home movies to avi (dvsd video, pcm audio). The files are hours long and--if I could do so with no quality loss--I would like to split them into smaller clips for organizing & editing in imovie 11.

Just downloaded MMSplitter & trying it on winXP32bit. Nice looking, mature application and seems to work fast, so I'm surprised at the difficulties I'm having.

The test clips I mark, select & save with MMSplitter...are playing back a little slowly. Voices drop a couple octaves. Slow playback occurs both when played via irfanview as well as when loaded back into MMSplitter & played. Playing the test clip in quicktime player, it looks like the video could be playing at a normal speed and ends at about 4 seconds, but the audio ends at 5 seconds, a bit after the video ends. So audio & video are somehow out of sync.  So though the video quality looks well preserved, I cannot use MMSplitter like this.

Since installing, I've changed no preferences from the defaults--I assumed it should work from defaults. Any idea if there is some setting I might need to change?

Thanks  :)

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