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  Thank you, Dmitry, for your excellent feedback.

  Sorry for so many questions but I am a nooby to this and you are the expert.  Your program is
so quick and easy, I would love to master it.

  As I understand it, one of the charms of the program is that you can trim without re-encoding
the whole video.  Some programs take hours to do this to a feature length movie.  Your program
is very quick, yet some recoding must be taking place as the total file size is larger, even after
some trimming of content.   Most of my trimming is at the beginning or end of a video. 

  Is there some "trick" to not set off the recoding or is this bit necessary to put the video back
together again?

  Any other "inside" advice would be welcome.

  I have been playing with the program and it is really THE thing for cutting out parts of a video.
Very quick and easy to work with.  What I can not seem to do is to reduce the file size, even
to the original file size, without trimming off more than anyone would want.  The longer the video,
the worse it seems.  I guess due to the length of reformating. 

  As you can see, I really want your program to work for me, for reducing the file size by trimming
unnecessary frames and not good material.  Is there a way to use AVI Trimmer like this or is there
another program that I should look at? 

  Loading a small .avi file, I have noticed that the position indicator "jumps", in steps, across the progress bar.  Is this the program going from "GOP" to ''GOP"?

  I guess the question is still how do you find the start of a "GOP" to trim without reformating.  This
reformating of the whole video was my problem with other programs.

  What is the "trial" or "demo" period for your paid programs?

  Must I uninstall the avi trimmer to use the wmp plugin or video splitter?

  Thanks for getting back on this question so quickly.  I'm impressed.

  I did read about the "k-frame" issue before posting, but did not think it was part of my problem as
the clips made were exactly as I wanted.  If I stick to the "GOPs", this will keep the
program from reformating the entire video?  The thing is, of course, when editing, cutting at
an incorrect point could be a deal-breaker.

  How many frames is in one of these "GOPs"?  Does it vary with format?  How do you tell where
you must start and end a clip to avoid the reformat? 

SolveigMM AVI Trimmer / Trimmed video is a larger file size than original
« on: January 22, 2010, 08:54:04 AM »
  I just installed the latest version and instantly got it working, I think.  It seems really easy to use and
to do what I need.  Quickly and without a reformat.

  I am trying to clip off bits of video to get a lower file size.  Often just a few seconds of a video.  All my
clips were accurate (with smaller runtime)...but the file size of the finished video is larger!

  I trimmed 15 seconds of a 705MB video and it went to 707MB!

  I want a smaller file size, this is the reason for trimming! 

  What can I do?

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