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Video Splitter / Re: Upgraded to newest version, now I need help ;-)
« on: April 11, 2022, 08:23:24 PM »
Hello andyxoxo4,

Thank you for your post and using Video Splitter.

After you input time to the time boxes you need to press the "Enter" button on the keyboard. After that the marker or the slider will be placed to the specified position.

Thanks for your reply... even more important is my problem 1... how can I stop that please?

Video Splitter / Upgraded to newest version, now I need help ;-)
« on: April 11, 2022, 07:02:33 PM »
Hi guys, so I am coming from the very old (but very simple to use) version 5.0 Business to the newest v7.6 Business because of the new 4K and H265 support but am having difficulties adjusting to all the new functionality that for me is confusing and also not needed. When I installed the new v7.6 I changed all the settings to the ones I had previously in the old v5.0 to the best of my ability.

So using the simple old version v5.0 all I ever did was drag in a video file, then input the start time and end time then losslessly cut it. Easy peasy but right away using the new version I had these two problems :

1) When I dragged in a vid file into the new v7.6 and tried to type in the start & end cut times by mouse cursor would wonder over the bottom section of the GUI which you call the "Storyboard" section and then the times I input would disappear! In old version v5.0 I had no such problem. How do I prevent my mouse cursor from doing anything, anything at all if it wanders over the storyboard section? I only want to input times, nothing else because when the mouse cursor wanders over the storyboard I am having huge problems. I am clicking nothing in the storyboard yet jsut moving my mouse over it is causing havoc. Where is the setting for "Prevent mouse cursor from doing anything or adjusting anything if it hovers or moves across the storyboard section like in v5.0"?

2) So in old v5.0 when I input the times, the frame would immediately jump to the time frame while in the new v7.6 it does not. For instance, let's say I input 10:00 to be my start time. Well oops, I actually needed 9:59 so in the old version I would change the 10:00 to 9:59 and IMMEDIATELY the video frame on top of the app would skip back the one second and show me 9:59. With the new v7.6 it does not. I seem to have to click elsewhere in the app then the frame would actually show 9:59 instead of 10:00. Why is this and how do I fix this by getting the old behaviour back from v5.0?

Thanks guys, hopefully if you can clear the above up for me I can get a handle on the rest...

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