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How to scale Video Splitter's interface to system DPI value

Since version 7.6 Video Splitter has the new features - the interface now scales based on DPI value in high-DPI systems. Also, the UI scales when you move Video Splitter between monitors with different DPI values. 


You will see the interface scaling when you change the DPI value as per the instruction below:

1. Right mouse click on your desktop and select "Display settings".



2. The windows with Settings of your computer will be opened. Go to "Display" / "Scale and Layout" section.


Display settings - picture 1


3. Change the scale and layout of your computer display settings. Select the appropriate setting in "Scale and layout" combobox, more then recommended 100%. It could be, for example, 125%, 150%, 175%.


Display settings - picture 2


The Video Splitter's interface will be scaled according to system DPI value. On the screenshot below there is the part of Video Splitter's interface after scaling.


Video Splitter's interface (part)