Zond 265 MacOS version history

08 September 2022 5.1.2209.8


  • Analysis of the first 50 frames in demo version
  • 7-days free full trial request in demo version

14 April 2022 5.1.2204.14


  • Добавлена поддержка AV1 кодека
  • Добавлена поддержка OBU стримов для AV1
  • Добавлен показ ошибок декодирования при открытии AV1 файлов


  • Копирование в буфер обмена для вкладок Bitstream и Errors

08 December 2021 5.0.2112.8


  • Завершение приложения при проверке на соответствие спецификации HEVC
  • Завершение приложения при открытии невалидных файлов
  • Открытие MP4 файлов, в которых HEVC NAL хранятся с формате Annex B. В этом случае во вкладке Error для MP4 выводится сообщение "MP4 specification mismatch"
  • Исправлено зависание во время генерации отчетов при задании интервала

06 September 2021 5.0.2109.06

Новые функции:

  • EVC кодек обновлен для совместимости с референсным ПО ETM v.7.3 а также добавлен в версии для Mac OS и Linux


  • Исправлен парсинг sidx атома и построение таблицы индексов сегментов для фрагментированных MP4 файлов
  • Исправлена инициализация буфера для транспортных потоков с AVC видео
  • Отрисовка сеток на Mac OS 11
  • Масштабирование сеток для экранов с высоким значением DPI для EVC файлов

09 July 2019 4.6.1907.9


  • Opening Zond 265 from recent applications in Dock (macOS Mojave)
  • Ability to open HEVC files without intra frames (gradual decoder refresh files)
  • Ability to open single frame HEVC files
  • Bitstream tab flickering
  • Incorrect decoded frame preview for HEVC files with GBR color matrix option
  • Memory leaks for files with MPEG2 or AVC video
  • False alarms of HEVC validation (when checking "field_seq_flag" and HRD buffer fullness)
  • Opening unsupported files do not cause application hang up

01 April 2019 4.5.1904.1


  • Decoding artifacts on some files with AVC video
  • Crashes on files with multiple slices AVC video
  • Crashes on positioning during VMAF values calculation
  • Incorrect VMAF values on files with interlaced HEVC video
  • Decoded picture overlays scaling on high DPI displays
  • Fixed fonts in Bitstream tab

19 December 2018 4.4.1812.19


  • AVC supported is supported as video elementary stream, MPEG-2 transport stream, MP4 or fragmented MP4 files
  • MPEG-2 codec is supported as video elementary stream
  • Interlaced HEVC video support
  • No-reference PSNR for AVC video
  • Average quality metric values over the entire stream


  • MPEG-TS files multiplexed with packets size greater than 188 bytes now can be opened correctly
  • Ability to open HEVC streams without IDR/CRA/BLA NAL units

17 July 2018 4.1.1807.17


  • HEVC Screen Content Coding Extension (SCC) supported
  • MP4 Dash segmented and fragmented format is supported for HEVC
  • Netflix VMAF metric for quality estimation supported. Quality estimation comparing original YUV file with preloaded video file by Netflix's Video Multimethod Assessment Fusion (VMAF) metric

26 April 2017 3.7.1704.26


  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Detection and Analysis. Frame-by-frame parsing and interpretation of SEI units into discrete Frame Information.
  • Hypothetic Reference Decoder (HRD) Buffer Flow: Instant insights into buffer occupancy – available from the interface and through CLI reports.
  • Comprehensive File Info in a Single Source, including profile, level, chroma subsampling, bit depth, resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate, frame rate, HDR information, compression efficiency, and GOP length statistics.
  • Bitrate Histogram. Bitrate peak values update every second in the course of consecutive frame reading

16 March 2016 3.1.1603.16


  • Support of MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 12) file format for HEVC/H.265 video streams
  • Increased speed with translucent overlays of the image of encoded file (PU, TU, QP, Bits, RefIdx, PSNR) for high-resolution files: the mapping, scaling, responds to mouse movement
  • Added data in the generated report in the console mode: average PSNR and SSIM for the whole file, file size, duration, bitrate


  • PDF specification file was not displayed
  • Extra blank lines in the report file were removed
  • Fixed the crash on files with the data of HRD model if there are some pic_timing SEI missed
  • Fixed a problem with opening a HEVC file if it does not begin with a key frame, but with the frame with a large value of the Picture Order Count
  • Displaying of an error message when opening an unsupported file
  • The current marker was not updated sometimes
  • Wrong preview picture on frames with dimensions not multiple of 4

22 September 2015 3.1.1509.22


  • Frame Stats tab displays Luma/Chroma Intra Prediction Mode Statistics
  • Intra Prediction Mode Statistics report from CLI
  • Zond 265 now launches in NW.js runtime instead of web-browser

05 August 2015 3.0.1508.5


  • HEVC stream validation conformance according to the specification in GUI and CLI available
  • Compatible with the reference software HM 16.5
  • New HRD building mode. CPB fullness analysis based on SEI messages of the stream
  • GOP length statistics
  • Expansion of NAL unit headers in Bitstream tab
  • Specific highlight of key frames on Frame Bars tab
  • Simplified management of personal and floating licenses activation
  • Added GUI managing to license server (before only CLI was available)
  • Added information to clients which IPs uses ZOND currently (for floating license)

26 December 2014 2.0.1412.26


  • Mac OS version of Zond 265 is available
  • Supported codec: HEVC
  • Supported file format: elementary stream, MPEG transport stream