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HyperCam Version History

HyperCam 4.0

A sophisticated program, with microphone input, to capture screen, videos and sound. Record, edit, using the built-in video editor, and upload videos to YouTube and other popular locations.

File info: 38.28 Mb, 2017 Jul 28

4.0.1707.28, 2017-07-28
  • Fixed the issue when HyperCam recorded empty files if Kaspersky Antivirus is installed
  • Fixed possible crash when opening video options
  • Fixed crash when trying to choose Uncompressed Video as a Video Compressor
  • Fixed "Encountered an improper argument" error when the selected audio device removed from the system
  • The selected Audio Device is not saved between launches
  • Selecting a maximized window for recording results in restoring the window down
4.0.1511.06, 2015-11-06
  • Upgrade policy notification while checking the upgrades is not displayed
  • Thumbnails constructing in Recent records window does not work sometimes for MP4 files
  • The maximized recorded window is minimized after the recording start
  • Pop up sound menu is enabled while the recording
  • The window name is not displaying when window mode recording is selected
4.0.1510.21, 2015-10-21
  • Recording screen actions to MP4 files (with AVC video and AAC audio)
  • Edit recorded MP4, AVI and WMV files with frame accuracy in HyperCam Media Editor
3.6.1311.20, 2013-11-20
  • Localization to Portugese (Brazil) language
  • Fixed sound loss while recording
3.5.1310.06, 2013-10-06
  • System hang-ups while running HyperCam
3.5.1211.29, 2012-11-29
  • Certified for Windows 8 compatibility
3.5.1210.30, 2012-10-30
  • Optimized startup speed
  • Updated HyperCam Media Editor
  • Hang-ups on the startup
  • Copy version info button in the “About” dialog
  • Wrong HуperCam Bar location in the vertical task bar
  • Crashes when choose “System Audio + Microphone” if no headphones or speakers are plugged in
  • Portable installation deleted the ordinary version if it was installed before
  • “Encountered an improper argument“ message if the SRS Audio Essentials installed with the multichannel output configuration
  • “Line in” or “Stereo mix” selecting caused error
  • HyperCam 3 didn’t save video settings for Windows Video 1 decoder
  • Impossible to delete text in screen notes with “Delete” key
  • New language is applied right away rather than after clicking “OK” button
  • Unable to start recording to a network path
  • Some applications crashed when closing HyperCam 3
  • Optimized thumbnails generation
  • HyperCam didn’t capture video from Overlay
  • Bugs with buttons inscriptions in the Russian translation
  • Skinned Activation dialog
3.4.1206.04, 2012-06-04
  • "Encountered an improper argument" message preventing the further work
  • Crash if choosing WMAudio Encoder DMO when mouse clicks recording is enabled
  • Inability to record the System Audio when no microphones enabled
3.4.1205.23, 2012-05-23
  • Automatic check updates feature
  • Fixed web-links
3.4.1205.14, 2012-05-14
  • Skype session capturing for Windows Vista and higher ( Recording an audio capture device along with system audio )
  • Sound level indicator
  • Displaying multiple microphones in audio popup menu
  • HyperCam Media Editor: updated interface
  • HyperCam Media Editor: thumbnails generation feature and time format switching(time / time and frames)
  • Deleted hotkeys F2, F3, F4 haven’t been saved after application restart
  • Error after restart recording when mouse clicks recording is enabled
3.3.1111.16, 2011-11-16
  • Localization to Italian language
3.3.1110.19, 2011-10-19
  • Help file was updated
3.3.1109.27, 2011-09-27
  • HyperCam hangs when trying to stop WMV/ASF files recording.
  • Possible crash when trying to choose the WMV9 video encoder.
3.3.1109.19, 2011-09-19
  • Display of duration of the recorded file
  • Recording audio-only files in WAV/WMA/MP3 formats
  • Display of filetype of the recorded file in the recent files window (for video, screenshots, a sound)
  • Portable installation
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Option of editing WMV files with frame accuracy in HyperCam Media Editor
  • Context menu on recent records was added
  • To each message box a characteristic icon was added
  • Incorrect display of HyperCam panel if Windows Aero is enabled
  • Wrong mapping coordinates in the Start X, Start Y, Width, Height fields when selecting the region to be recorded
  • Assigning hot key if it is already assigned to another action
  • Open the last records folder and log files, even if these folders are empty yet
  • Add a macro screen labels after the language switching
  • Creating a backup copy of the HyperCam license key
  • Translation of "Uncompressed video" and "Uncompressed audio" strings
  • Sometimes wrong size of the region to be recorded was shown
3.2.1107.8, 2011-07-08
  • German language support
  • Recording didn't operate sometimes after pause/resume actions
3.1.1104.15, 2011-04-15
  • Crash during some video codecs initialization
3.1.1104.5, 2011-04-05
  • Localization into Russian language
  • Possibility to set the speed of recording and playback
  • Support Windows Media audio codecs that helps to improve sound recording
  • Support HuffYUV and Lagarith codec that helps to get more high quality records
  • Red frame, indicating the area to screen capture, falls in record
  • Problems with sound recording with some codecs settings. Fixed, now in the list of available codecs only those that should work
  • The size of red frame could be changed. Was fixed
  • The deleted records remove without placing to the basket
  • Errors with recording from two screens
3.1.1012.03, 2010-12-03
  • Some fixes to satisfy Compatible with Windows 7 program
3.1.1011.23, 2010-11-23
  • Ability to use Microsoft Screen Codec and write WMV files with further editing
  • Ability to use some other third party codecs to be pre-setup at PC like MPEG-2, ACV/H264, etc. and put them to ASF files.
  • Implemented adjustable audio time shift feature, to fix 'out of sync' problem
  • Now a border follows a moving window in 'Select Window' mode
  • Implemented drag and drop feature for 'Recent Records' window
  • Detection of necessary DirectX and Windows Media runtime while installing
  • Recent record sorting sometimes did not work well
  • Artifact were produced if to drag some application at overlay video to be recorded
  • Artifact were produced if grabbed video window was resized
  • Win 7 DPI changing to 150% caused grabbing region troubles
  • Some fixes about incorrect border and notices behavior
  • Some settings in Extras in Interface tabs are now unlocked in Run/Pause mode
3.0.1006.10, 2010-06-10
  • Added command line interface recording and managing
  • HyperCam was unable to operate under non-administrative account, upon recording stop an error message was delivered
  • Fixed memory leaks arisen with multiple start/stop recordings
  • Upon F1 help file was not opened
  • Installation and binaries signed by Comodo certificate
  • Screen notes menu added to HyperCam task bar context menu
  • Increased frame rate and K-frame distance thresholds. Now the values unrestricted
  • Added ability to log HyperCam actions (for debugging purposes)
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Solveig Multimedia\HyperCam 3\ use_logger should be set to 1
3.0.1003.12, 2010-03-12
  • Minor component updates and installer improvements
3.0.912.18, 2009-12-18
  • Minor components updates
3.0.912.7, 2009-12-07
  • Some more major and minor bugs have been fixed.
  • Fixed wrong behavior of a frame which arisen and remained: by pushing ctrl+shift keys (pan lock default key combination); if HC3 was iconized and then restored; by changing options Region/Fullscreen/Windows
  • HC3 could crash while opening depending on some particular codecs installed. Fixed
  • Radio buttons – Anchor to the Top/Bottom in Screen Note Setup window could not be switched off
  • DV Encoder (and some other) settings did not apply. Fixed
  • Fixed wrong behavior of macros updates in notices
  • Alt+PrntScrn of HC3 windows did not operate. Fixed
  • HC3 was unable to grab overlayed video from VLC player. Fixed
  • Some more major and minor bugs have been fixed
3.0.908.17, 2009-08-20
  • Added correct workflow of mouse clicks sound insertion. It is mixed to any “Source” channel with volume according to the settings
  • In two monitor configuration sometimes the coordinates were drawn out of HC3 controls
  • Turning of “Show recording bounds” feature did not work
  • Now if some being encoders enumerated delivers any message it should arise after splash hiding
  • Changed buttons with border sync behavior. Now if the border closed a button should get to unpushed state
  • Enhanced border width/height multiplicity behavior Now if to minimize HC3, it goes to “HyperCam Bar” if “Minimize to HyperCam Bar mode” is switched in
3.0.908.4, 2009-08-04
  • Added delete keyboard button handler to "Recent Records" section
  • Alt + F4 did not close HC3
  • Upon run, if "Options" or "Screen Notes Setup" windows were open and "Hide" or "Minimize to HyperBar" mode was chosen, the windows mentioned did not hide
  • Notice text copied/pasted from Notepad sometimes was spoiled
  • HC3 icon was not shown in Alt + TAB replacement
  • Audio/Video problems in Pause/Resume mode
  • Using "Select windows" feature highlighting border did not match to the selected border which sometimes included window headline
  • Making screenshot from HyperBaR left a border within an output BMP files
  • Enhanced windows choosing behavior in multi-monitors configuration
3.0.907.14, 2009-07-14
  • Non-integer time of Screen Notes update.
  • Fixed problems with HotKeys
  • "Key Frame Every.." parameter availability check remade.
  • Full screen screenshots' thumbs are displayed in Recent records section.
  • HC3 now produces output file with correct frame dimension.
  • Some registry keys were not removed during uninstallation
  • Red frame behaviour changed.
3.0.907.3, 2009-07-03
  • problem with capture video data with incorrect frame rate. Resulted file played back faster than necessary
  • changing text in edit boxes accompanied by some garbage arising
  • codec settings managed vie codec properties were not applied correctly to an output file
  • key frame number parameter applied not to all codecs. Now it can’t be set to some codec it gets disabled.
3.0.906.8, 2009-06-08
  • crash in Recent Record section caused sometimes by pushing left/right arrows with empty section.
  • audio capture error. If "Record Sound" was selected sometimes "Video Compressor failure" error message arose
  • after recording with sound, system volume was muted
  • file names ware shown truncated in recent records (without resolution info)
  • some crashes that occurred while overlaid video grabbing
  • some improvements with audio/video synchronization
  • added prefixes to screenshot that were rewritten if to make them faster than one per second
3.0.905.11, 2009-05-11
  • Added a resolution to output file names
  • A context help hints added Representation of BMP screenshots along with AVI files in the "Recent Records" section added
3.0.905.4, 2009-05-04
  • Recording state is indicaticated by "Pause" button blinking in Leave Opened and "HyperCam Bar" HC3 modes
  • A note text may be edited by a double click on this note in HyperCam list.
  • First version of the command line implementation. HC2 command line format has been kept
  • Saving "Region", "Fullscreen" or "Window" button states upon HC3 close/open
  • Ability to close the recording borders by double click on the frame label (left-top gray rectangle)
  • Ability to close the recording borders (red frame) by pushing out corresponding "Region", "Fullscreen" or "Window" button
  • In full screen mode borders were not shown despite "Show recording borders" settings
  • Sometime recording borders were overlapped by some windows, now they should be topmost
  • Arranged default hot-keys according to be the same as in HyperCam 2
  • If one selected a recorded file and pushed "browse", the explorer window that opens would not always highlight the same AVI file
  • Some improvements to video/audio synchronization causing 100% CPU load during recording
  • Disable the ability to get negative coordinates by dragging a border out of a screen bounds
  • Disable edit boxes while recording to prevent unpredictable behavior
3.0.904.20, 2009-04-22
  • automatically uninstall any older version of HC3 before installing a new one
  • captured screenshot left a red border
  • record/stop/screenshot Defaults hot keys were not set upon clicking "Defaults"
  • crash when starting to record with a hot key, if recording area was not selected | Site map | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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