Zond 265 - HEVC Video Analyzer

Zond 265 is the first-to-market tool for visual in-depth analysis of HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 video bitstreams. It's an indispensable solution for developers of HEVC decoding/encoding/transcoding hardware and software. Zond 265 brings along real value boosting R&D and QA processes and reducing validation costs.

It shows in a handy way NAL information, frames types, frames sizes, time stamps, decoding/display order counters, bits distribution between frame elements, coding units data, coding units coefficients, predicted partitions, transform partitions, motion vectors, quantizers, different stages of picture decoding - predicted picture, before deblock filtering, after deblock filtering, and final picture.

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Main, TU Partitions

  • Convenient frame-by-frame navigation based on the frame bars in decoding or the display order
  • Frames size histogram and color highlighting of different kinds of frames (I, B, P). Marking of reference frames for the current picture
  • Easy-to-use visual presentation of data from all levels of a video stream and decoding stages
    • All headers with content. Headers sizes and offsets within a stream
    • Highlighting of slice and related headers (SPS, PPS, etc.) that belong to a current frame
    • Pixels to be predicted, reconstructed, after deblocking and adaptive loop filtration 
    • Coding units (CU): coordinates, dimension, and bit-size. Color highlighting different types of CUs (Inter, Intra)
    • Prediction units (PU). A spatial prediction mode of intra PU luma and chroma components. Inter PU’s motion vectors, reference lists, reference indexes. 
    • Transform units (TU): dimension and offset within CU. Luma and chroma coefficients before de-quantization. 
    • Overlay a frame with a CU, PU, or TU grid and motion vectors
  • Gathering and visual presentation of bits distribution statistics to be used while encoding CU, PU, and TU data (skip_mb_flag, merge_flag, mvd, cbf_luma, etc.).  Displaying results as a table
  • Quality estimation. PSNR and MSSIM metrics supported. Quality values can be shown as a visual graph or a map of PSNR for a frame coded tree blocks. Command line interface supports a quality wokrflow

  • Windows, Mac OS and Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 and above) versions of both 32 and 64 bits platforms

  • HEVC specification quotes for most of syntax elements. Just put a mouse pointer to any element name and get an information scope or open a specification at the necessary place

  • HEVC stream validation conformance according to the specification in GUI and CLI

  • Input file formats:

    • HEVC/H.265 video elementary stream
    • AVC/H.264 video elementary stream
    • MPEG transport stream with HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 video streams
    • MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 12) files with HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 video streams


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1The license is valid for usage on one computer or for one user if it is used as floating license. It allows installing Zond on any number of PCs and use it simultaneously with as many users as licenses were purchased.

2It allows installing the software on an unlimited number of PCs but limits the simultaneous usage on different PCs/users. The number of concurrent users may not exceed the number of licenses purchased. The floating license is managed by a license server that must be run in the same intranet network as the client PCs, on which the software is used.

Update and Upgrade policy

Customers are entitled to get an access to free updates within the major version of the product.

Customers are entitled to minor and major version updates and upgrades free of charge – within one year after purchase. After the 1-year period expires, you can get access to updates and upgrades by purchasing a maintenance license. Please refer to the EULAC for more information.


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System Requirements

Operating systems supported: Windows XP to Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux 12.04 and above, Mac OS 10.9 and above.

Demo version works for 21 days and is restricted with the first 50 frames to which the analysis is applied. It ships two H.265 and two H.264 test streams. 

Version History

3.1.1603.16, 2016-03-16

  • Automatic update checking in Windows version
  • MP4 file cannot be opened if some of its frames have size more than 2 MB
  • Problems with license activation if license file was assigned to disabled network adapter

See all changes

A list of previous version to support HM 6.3, HM 7, 8, 9 etc.  please find here 

Download Now!

Zond 265 3.1

File: SolveigMM_Zond_265_3_1_1603_16.exe

Size: 38.07 Mb

Ver/Date: 3.1.1603.16, 2016 Mar 16

Description: HEVC Video Analyzer


Zond 265 x64 3.1

File: SolveigMM_Zond_265_x64_3_1_1603_16.exe

Size: 51.83 Mb

Ver/Date: 3.1.1603.16, 2016 Mar 16

Description: HEVC Video Analyzer, 64 bits version


Zond 265 Linux 3.1

File: SolveigMM_Zond_265_3_1_1603_16.deb

Size: 62.51 Mb

Ver/Date: 3.1.1603.16, 2016 Mar 16

Description: HEVC Video Analyzer for Linux


Zond 265 Linux x64 3.1

File: SolveigMM_Zond_265_x64_3_1_1603_16.deb

Size: 65.76 Mb

Ver/Date: 3.1.1603.16, 2016 Mar 16

Description: HEVC Video Analyzer for Linux, 64 bits version


Zond 265 Mac 3.1

File: SolveigMM_Zond_265_3_1_1603_16.pkg

Size: 54.97 Mb

Ver/Date: 3.1.1603.16, 2016 Mar 16

Description: HEVC Video Analyzer for Mac OS X


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