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SolveigMM Video Splitter - 一款强大的多媒体文件编辑软件,支持众多的流行影音文件格式,如AVC/H264, MP4, MOV, AVCHD, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, MKV, AVI, WMV, MP3, WMA. 视频编辑软件提供了...更多信息 更多信息

¥312 欧元(含 附加税/增值税)

video splitter 111x166px

SolveigMM Video Editing SDK - 一套可利用Solveig公司多媒体组件开发先进的可编辑H264/AVC, MPEG2, AVI, ASF, WMV及其它影音文件格式的软件开发包...更多信息

Edit media files MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-2, AVI, ASF, WMV, MP3

HyperCam 5 - 一款屏幕录像及视频捕捉工具,可通过内置的视频编辑工具制作辅助教程,准备方案或编辑刚捕捉到的正回放中的电影文件...更多信息

¥234 欧元(含 附加税/增值税)

hcbox 5 111x179

Zond 265 - HEVC/H.265 video bitstream visual in-depth analysis tool for research and development. It shows all levels of encoded data in convenient way. more info

€1250 欧元(含 附加税/增值税)

Zond 265 - HEVC/H.265 video bitstream visual in-depth analysis tool for research and development

2019年 4月 21日

Solveig Multimedia proudly announces the latest update to its Video Splitter for MacOS (version 4). The software has been available to MacOS users for over two years letting Apple fans remove unwanted video fragments and cut/join video streams with ease. Like its Windows sibling, the Mac version comes with a friendly UI and enables frame accurate editing at a minimum cost. What’s new in the latest update? First and foremost, it’s the support for MP4 HEVC files with up to 4K resolution. Other novelties include support for MPEG-TS (HEVC/AVC, AAC/AC3/EAC3) files and MP4 files from Swann security cameras NVR-8580 ( HEVC, PCM ALAW). The solution is now available at Mac App Store for only $29.99.


2019年 3月 7日

SolveigMM宣布对其旗舰产品Video Splitter(版本7)进行重大升级。与之前一样,Video Splitter提供帧精确质量的视频输出。 Video Splitter 7有什么新功能? 亮点:使用HEVC / H.265编解码器修剪和连接TS、MP4、MKV、VES视频;原生x64版本,具有所有优点(性能、稳定性、安全性); 预览旋转并保存旋转的MP4视频。 改进包括缩略图生成和标记放置的优化性能。 在Video Splitter 7中,视频加载方式更快,时间线立即构建。 商业版增加了对HEVC中专业10位配置文件的支持。 新软件可在SolveigMM 网站上购买。 .


2019年 2月 13日

heart icon 32Make a great gift to your loved ones this St Valentine's Day. From February 14 to February 21, 2019, get any home or business product by Solveig Multimedia with 35 percent off! The offer lasts for just one week, so hurry up before it's too late.


2018年 12月 28日

hypercam icon 32Now, that the Christmas time is over and we’re headed towards the New Year’s, we’ve got amazing news for all video aficionados. Solveig Multimedia delivers its warmest Season’s greetings and comes up with a great deal! Get 35% off on all home and business products. For a whole month, from December 27, 2018, through January 27, 2019, enjoy savings and make a useful gift for yourself or your family and friends.


2018年 10月 16日

sdk icon Solveig Multimedia unveils the latest update to Video Editing SDK – ver. 4.2. The engine now supports playback, trimming, and joining of fragmented MP4 HLS streams (M3U8), HTTP-hosted MP4 files, and YouTube online video. The SolveigMM solution continues to gain recognition on the professional market: the long-term partner nablet announced its SmartRender (SR) Editor and SR SDK with high-performance processing of XAVC and XDCAM formats – built on SolveigMM Video Editing SDK. The smart rendering technology boosts encoding times by 400 percent and enables impressive cost savings over classic XAVC encoding. For more information on the updated SDK, ver. 4.2, check out the SDK product page.


2018年 8月 29日

hypercam icon 32Solveig Multimedia unleashes HyperCam 5.1! In the business edition, the key feature of the update is a support for capturing 10-bit video from DekTec HD-SDI card for USB-3 (DTU-351 series). Other novelties include separate video and audio compressor options for streaming and recording, Facebook's "Continuous Live streaming" (streaming over 4 hours), and recommended video compressor settings according to capture resolution and fps. For more details, consult the version history.


2018年 6月 6日

trimmerSolveig Multimedia 推出全新的 SolveigMM 视频编辑 SDK。最新引擎添加了使用 HTML5 客户端进行云编辑、HEVC 视频剪辑和拼接以及话外音功能。公布的其他简单功能包括:编辑不断发展的 TS 媒体文件、在 Directshow 中流畅播放 XTL 时间轴、扩展批次 XTL 文件格式版本 2、多个文件修剪以及其他更多功能。新版 SolveigMM 视频编辑 SDK 还可用于 64 位 Windows 操作系统。DVBViewer 开发者已经对 DVBViewer视频编辑器使用了全新的 SolveigMM 引擎,使其重要工具得到进一步增强。更多详情参见 新闻稿 !


2018年 4月 3日

zond icon 32x32 Solveig Multimedia 及其合作伙伴 nablet 将在 2018 年 4 月 9 日至 12 日于拉斯维加斯召开的 NAB Show(展位 SU1371)上展示全新的 Zond 265 4.1。HEVC 视频分析器的新版本 Zond 4.1 集成了可用于质量评估的 Netflix VMAF 指标。软件使用这种技术比较原始的 YUV 文件与预先加载的视频文件。通过与人类感知关联,这个指标可以在压缩后进行更精确的视频评估。

最新的 Zond 版本包含一个主要更新(版本 4),这个更新显著扩展了产品与更多受支持编解码器(WebM 中的 AV1、MPEG-2 和 SCC 等)的兼容性矩阵。了解全新的 Zond 4.1! 在新闻发布 中了解更多信息。


2018年 2月 12日

hypercam icon 32Solveig Multimedia 并未躺在过去的荣誉簿上,而是推出了另一个产品版本。请认识 HyperCam 5 – SolveigMM 备受赞誉的屏幕抓取工具的全新版本。
HyperCam 5 有什么新功能?它添加了网络摄像头录制功能,允许对游戏会话或视频博客进行 Twitch、Facebook 和 YouTube 流处理,支持录制到预设的导出大小(大小调整)以及分离/延长近期的录制。所有这些功能都集成到重新设计的图形界面中,这个界面具有简单的控件和时髦的屏幕笔记。试用新版本并分享您的意见!在新闻发布 中了解更多信息。


2017年 4月 21日

zond icon 32x32The SolveigMM Team unleashes a new version of Zond 265, ver. 3.7. The new edition adds a bunch of shiny features including High Dynamic Range (HDR) Detection and Analysis, Hypothetic Reference Decoder (HRD) Buffer Flow, Comprehensive File Info in a Single Source (profile, level, chroma subsampling, bit depth, resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate, etc.), Bitrate Histogram – and more. Get a live demo of Zond 265 3.7 product at NAB 2017 (April 22–27, 2017)! Check out Zond at our partner’s booth – SU7102 (DekTec)

2017年 4月 11日

SolveigMM unveils Video Splitter for MacOS! Apple fans can now leverage the high-performance and lossless Splitter to remove unwanted fragments and save output files with original quality. The key features of Video Splitter for Mac include frame accurate editing of MP4 AVC, selection of multiple intervals in a single file, visual timeline with thumbnails, audio wave, etc. The product is now available in App Store for just $19.99. Download yourself and share with your nearest! Read more in the press release

2017年 4月 10日

hktdc 32Check out Video Splitter for MacOS in Hong Kong! Splitter is a great solution catering to dash cams, sports and action сams, wearable cameras – and many other recording devices. If you like meeting the people behind the software, this is your chance. Solveig Multimedia will exhibit at Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) on April 13–16, 2017. At the show hosted by Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, SolveigMM will introduce the brand-new product for MacOS, unveil its key benefits and capabilities, and provide a real-life demo.
As always, SolveigMM is open to new partnerships on the Asian markets. We’d be happy to meet up with camera manufacturers, hardware vendors and anyone interested in next-generation video editing. Feel free 该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。 and book a meeting! 

2017年 3月 2日

SolveigMM boasts a brand-new certificate of recognition for Video Splitter 6. This time Splitter has been awarded a prize in the ‘Russian software: achievements and innovations’ category established by PCMag Russia.
The magazine editors have duly noted the 99,99% editing accuracy delivered by SolveigMM’s solution as opposed to celebrated competitors (Movavi Video Editor, Windows Movie Maker, Pinnacle VideoSpin, SONY Vegas Pro, etc.).
PC Magazine/RE is a Ziff-Davis mag, one of the pioneers of the Russian IT press since 1991. Solutions awarded with PCMag’s shield belong with the most influential and significant tech developments and reveal the best bang for the buck in their respective market segments. Read more… 

2017年 2月 28日

streaming-forum2017 1SolveigMM attends Streaming Forum 2017 at ExCel London on February 28 – March 1. We are joining industry leaders and cooperate with codec specialist to enhance our HEVC analyzing and bedugging technology - Zond 265 – HEVC Analyzer. Contact us to schedule a personal meeting with SolveigMM Founder and Strategy Officer Mr. Dmitry Vergeles! 

2016年 12月 22日

Solveig Multimedia unveils an incredible Christmas offer! This Season we are offering a 36% discount for all home and professional products. Our holiday math is easy as pie: Christmas 2016 = 20+16 = 36% off.
The offer stands for the whole month – from December 21, 2016, to January 21, 2017! Don’t miss your chance. SolveigMM wishes you happy holidays and all the best in 2017. Stay tuned for new technology and enhanced capabilities in the coming year! More details... 

2016年 11月 3日

New Video Splitter 6 with an adaptive timeline. The Solveig Multimedia Team is happy to announce a brand-new edition of Video Splitter, its flagship award-winning video editor. Version 6 brings along advanced file processing options, boosted usability, high-speed access to source multimedia content and other perks. The new features include the adaptive timeline for multiple random file inputs processed as a single file, facilitated fragment selection, output preview before editing, the Media Control library for easy access to project source files, and more. Check out Video Splitter 6 on our website! More details... 

2016年 10月 11日

bi 2016 logo 3232Solveig Multimedia is heading eastwards! Meet our products at Broadcast India Show 2016 at Bombay Exhibition Centre – Mumbai on October 20–22, 2016. Enjoy the vibe of the largest media content production hub in Asia and learn more about the new features in Video Splitter, ver. 6, and Zond 265. Get familiar with a revamped UI, flexible timeline and new Media Control in Splitter – as well as faster translucent overlays, accelerated mapping and scaling, JSON report for on-the-fly debugging and the built-in HDR feature (beta) in Zond! Drop by Booth D402 (our Indian partner is Rahul Commerce). Contact us to book a personal meeting! More details... 

2016年 8月 11日

ibc news resizedOn September 9–13, 2016, RAI Amsterdam SolveigMM team will take part at IBC 2016 and share cutting edge multimedia technologies. Solveig Multimedia unveil a major update to our flagship Video Splitter, version 6, that encompasses a bunch of new features and improvements, such as, brand-new interface with a flexible timeline, Media Control for easy access to project source files and facilitated fragment selection. Power users and professional app developers will sure enjoy new functionality in Zond 265 HEVC analysis and debugging software. Among Zond 265 novelties are faster translucent overlays of encoded file image (PU, TU, QP, Bits, RefIdx, PSNR) for high-resolution files. Accelerated mapping, scaling and mouse response and support of MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 12) file format for HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 video. Make sure you drop by at booth 8.B09, Hall 8 of Solveig Multimedia! More details... 

2016年 4月 5日

trimmerSolveig Multimedia Team is happy to announce a 64-bit version of its Video Editing SDK. The software development kit helps developers design and deliver high quality Windows-based video/audio editing applications. The Video Editing Engine of 64-bit version supports files of MP4 format with H.264/AVC video and enables lossless trimming of fragments with Frame or K-Frame accuracy, muting particular audio fragments without re-encoding, merging of media files and many other actions. The 64-bit edition adds the ability to make cuts in multiple MP4 files at a time. Check out the product page for more details! 

2016年 3月 17日

easterSolveig Multimedia unveils an incredible Easter Offer! From March 17 to March 27 (Easter Day) you can purchase SolveigMM home products with 30% off. Don't hesitate, this spring is a great time for software shopping! Get WMP Trimmer Plugin and boost your video experience at just $24.46! Buy HyperCam for only $27.96 and capture everything worthy on your screen with highest quality! Act before it's too late. 

2016年 3月 1日

zond icon 32x32We are glad to announce that the brand-new Zond 265, version 3.1, is now available for download at Mac App Store. That's how Mac users looking for a cutting edge video parsing tool in the official application store can locate what they really need - a renowned HEVC analyzer by Solveig Multimedia. The software requires an OS X 10.9 or later and a 64-bit processor. Install Zond 265 and let your Mac perform some quality video analysis for you! 

2016年 2月 24日

Solveig Multimedia has released the new updated version 5.2 of its fast and lossless video editor, Video Splitter, with some new features. The new version now supports editing of ADPCM audio in MOV files. Besides the Business Edition version has now two additional options: option to keep MPEG TS PIDs after the editing and option of single thread mode for MPEG2 encoder. Download the latest version on the product’s home page! 

2016年 2月 12日

The new version of Zond 265, our professional tool for analyzing of HEVC and H.264 video bitsreams, was released. The features of the updated version 3.1.1602.12 include increased speed with translucent overlays of the image of encoded file (PU, TU, QP, Bits, RefIdx, PSNR) for high-resolution files, mapping, scaling, responds to mouse movement, also added data in the generated report in the console mode: average PSNR and SSIM for the whole file, file size, duration, bitrate. Find the new version on the product’s home page

2015年 12月 24日

pc magazineSolveig Multimedia Team proudly presents a brand-new award! Zond 265 was one of the few merited brands named Best Software 2015 by PC Magazine Russian Edition. The editors shortlisted candidates based on two key criteria: innovation/development breakthrough and reader/expert polls. As a result, the H.265 analyzer by SolveigMM has gained recognition as an advanced tool that helps developers across the globe create HEVC-compatible software. PC Magazine reviewers also praised the solution for great usability and granular analytics, as well as easy navigation. Learn more about Zond 265 - HEVC Video Analyzer and make your first acquaintance, or update your existing license! 

2015年 12月 11日

ny 2016Christmas offer 2015 - 2016! Enjoy the magic of the holiday season and get your favorite products with amazing discounts. Between December 12, 2015, and January 11, 2016, you can buy any consumer or professional product by Solveig Multimedia with a 30% off. Get yourself and your loved ones a wonderful gift, and share your cheerful moments using the cutting edge video editing software. Make sure you don’t miss the deadline, act before January 11. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

2015年 12月 8日

hypercam icon 32Good news! HyperCam 4 CHIP version takes part in Adventskalender 2015 at and is available for download on December 8-9, 2015. HyperCam 4 is the screen capture tool that save everything you see or hear on your computer to MP4, AVI or WMV files. Record you screen activites and share videos with your friends! Please follow this link to get this special version for free

2015年 12月 2日

v3 32x32TriMP4 - Cut video for sharing! SolveigMM unleashes a free lightweight video editor for Android! TriMP4 enables smartphone users to tweak their video before sharing. The software operates with pre-compressed MP4 and removes unwanted parts of the video in just a couple clicks. The trimmer does not employ any encoding/decoding processes, supports K-Frame accuracy quality and keeps data intact. Check out Google Play and get your free mobile video trimmer! Read more in the press release

2015年 10月 21日

hypercam icon 32Solveig Multimedia announces a new edition of it screencast solution - HyperCam 4. Capture your actions, grab movies or Skype calls, create tutorials, presentations and demos - whatever happens on your screen may be worth recording! HyperCam, an advanced screencast utility that has traditionally supported AVI and WMV/ASF formats, now broadens the horizons by adding MP4 AVC compatibility. HyperCam 4 makes sure your output file contains precisely what you need, providing frame accuracy editing for MP4 and AVI files in the embedded Media Editor. 

2015年 9月 3日

avi trimmer icoSolveig launches AVI Trimmer+ (formerly, AVI Trimmer + MKV), a free lossless video editor. The program now supports WMV/ASF, MP4, MOV, FLV, WAV, MP3, WMA, WebM files with the group of pictures accuracy. AVI Trimmer+ offers richer functionality comparable with the paid offerings, including advanced video fragment editing, fragmentary audio muting, snapshots, subtitles preview and more. For a more complete feature list, check out the press-release. For frame accuracy quality, extended format support and other extras, feel free to try Video Splitter

2015年 8月 28日

zond icon 32x32Solveig Multimedia has released the new version 3.1 of Zond 265 – professional HEVC Video analyzer. Zond 265 is the first-to-market tool for visual in-depth analysis of HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 video bitstreams. Best fit for developers of HEVC decoding/encoding/transcoding solutions. The version 3.1 delivers Luma/Chroma Intra Prediction Mode Statistics in Frame Stats, Intra Prediction Mode Statistics report from CLI, launch in NW.js runtime instead of web browser, updated Linux and MAC OS X versions, and other great features! Zond 265, version 3.1, will be presented at IBC 2015, 11 - 15 September in Amsterdam. Visit the DekTec booth 2.B40, Solveig’s partner, and check out the brand-new Zond 265 3.1 in action. 

2015年 7月 6日

zond icon 32x32We are happy to announce a new major edition of Zond 265 – HEVC Video analyzer, version 3.0. The new product was first announced and demonstrated at Nab Show 2015 (Apr. 13–16) and KOBA 2015 (May 19–22). The product is now available for commercial use. A market pioneer, Zond 265 delivered full compliance with 'High Efficiency Video Coding' (HEVC) standard back in 2012 and provided software engineers with a powerful tool to develop H.265-ready software. The latest edition comes up with optimized HEVC stream validation and a bunch of exciting features. New features and improvements include: HEVC stream validation conformance based on the spec in GUI and CLI, compatibility with reference software HM 16.5, CPB fullness analysis based on SEI messages of the stream, GOP length statistics, expansion of NAL unit headers in Bitstream tab, specific highlighting of key frames on Frame Bars tab, simplified management of personal and floating licenses, GUI management to the license server, and more. Check out the press-release for details. 

2015年 5月 7日

koba iconZond 265, the HEVC and H.264 video analyzer, will be presented at KOBA 2015 (25th Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show) that will be held at Seoul, Korea on May 19-22, 2015. Zond 265 version 2 will be demonstrated at Huton Digital, Inc. booth # D427. You are welcome to get aquainted with its new features, HEVC stream compliance checking and HEVC stream error detection, as well as H.264/AVC support in release mode, Mac OS X version of Zond for HEVC streams, support of MPEG-2 Transport Stream for HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 streams. Find out more about Zond 265 at its home page 

2015年 4月 9日

nab13Zond 265 V2是一款分析HEVC和H.264视频流的专业工具,  将受展于四月13-16日在美国拉斯维加斯举办的Nab Show 2015. Solveig Multimedia邀请您光顾DekTec的SU7102展位来获悉Zond 265的相关信息. 2.0版本增强了诸如HEVC流的合规性检查和HEVC流的错误侦测等新特性.  其它特性有在发布模式中开始支持H.264/AVC编码, 在Mac OS X系统上的Zond中开始支持HEVC流, 开始支持HEVC/H.265的MPEG-2传输流和AVC/H.264流以及许多其它特性. 查阅Zond 265页面了解更多有关该产品的信息. 欢迎您到DekTec的SU7102展位了解Zond 265相关信息! 

2015年 3月 18日

icon ccbnSolveig Multimedia公司将出席2015中国国际广播电视信息网络展览会(CCBN 2015),时间地点: 2015年3月26-28日,中国国际会展中心(CIEC) - 中国,北京。 您可以在此我们最新开发完成的Zond 265 2.0版本,一款流分析工具。 它的主要新特性包括:HEVC流的错误侦测, 在发布模式中开始支持H.264/AVC编码以及在Mac OS X系统上的Zond中开始支持HEVC流。 新的2.0版本也开始支持HEVC/H.265的MPEG-2传输流和AVC/H.264流,并能获得可应对每次执行生成的多路同时报告的优化了的CLI报告生成流程。
我们也很乐意与专业人士和家庭用户讨论我们的智能编辑解决方案,包括有Video Editing SDK,它可用于帮助开发适用最终用户的可对所有流行文件格式进行帧间精准度编辑的智能编辑解决方案;Video Splitter,一款基于Video Editing SDK开发的快速易用的视频编辑器;HyperCam 3,一款视音频捕捉工具;以及其它应用。 欢迎到DTVcore展厅8A306展区访问 

2015年 3月 17日

Video Splitter来自Solveig Multimedia公司的重大消息!  本月, 我们发布了Video Splitter新系列第5代版本 – 世界一流的压缩视频流编辑器.  5版中支持对含有多重内嵌和外挂字幕的视频流进行回放和编辑.  支持编辑带有UTF8编码的ASS, SSA格式内嵌字幕的MKV, WEBM, AVI格式文件, 以及支持带有ASS, SRT, GAB2格式外挂字幕的MKV, WEBM, MP4, AVI格式文件的编辑.  此外, Video Splitter现在也可以剪切和合并带有多重音频流的MKV, WEBM, MP4和AVI格式文件了.  而且, 编辑器界面也做了一些改进 – 新特性包括区段便捷选取特性的引入以及当时间线处于缩放状态时, 可以通过鼠标中键对其进行拖拽的操作. 在新闻发布页面中您将可以找到更多有关新版介绍的更多信息. 

2015年 3月 11日

japan-flag哇!  我们的日语版官网已经在准备中!  所有的主要页面都已被翻译成了便于日本客户访问的日语版本.  所以如果日语是您的母语, 那么欢迎浏览页面来查找关于我们软件产品, 比如Video Splitter, HyperCam 3, WMP Trimmer Plugin, Zond 265, Video Editing SDK 和其它软件的更多信息, 一切尽在! 

2015年 2月 5日

zond icon 32x32今冬一月, Solveig Multimedia公司很荣幸发布了包含有众多新特性的Zond 265的2.0版本.  其中, 主要特性包括: HEVC流的错误侦测, 在发布模式中开始支持H.264/AVC编码以及在Mac OS X系统上的Zond中开始支持HEVC流.  更新的2.0版本也开始支持HEVC/H.265的MPEG-2传输流和AVC/H.264流, 并支持HEVC 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:0:0色度采样格式及HEVC 10bit视频压缩标准.  该产品配有可应对每次执行生成的多路同时报告的优化了的CLI报告生成流程, 并兼容参考软件HM 16.2.  Zond 265是一款开创性的HEVC视频分析器.  HEVC代表'高效视频编码', 也称为H.265; Zond是支持此标准的第一个解决方案, 它可以使全世界的开发人员创建兼容H.265标准的软件和代码.  Zond 265允许软件工程们提取每一帧和每一块中的必要数据并调整他们的代码及设备来满足HEVC标准的要求. 您可从Zond 265主页下载其Demo版或从中查询更多相关信息. 

2015年 1月 12日

ny 15 extGood news! SolveigMM Team extends the Christmas offer until January 31, 2015, so latecomers may enjoy their 30% discount as well! As before, the discount applies to all consumer and professional products. This is the last call, so indulge yourself to superb video editing experience for a bargain price – before it’s too late! Choose the product that best fits your needs, and you are all set. Video Splitter, HyperCam 3, Zond 265 and more solutions will make the year 2015 even more exciting. Spread the word among your nearest and dearest! Get more details...  

2014年 12月 16日

ny 2015SolveigMM Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and unlocks a 30% discount for all consumer and professional products. Take advantage of the Christmas Special 2014 between December 16, 2014 and January 11, 2015. Purchase your license on Solveig’s website and enjoy superb video editing experience for a bargain price! Video Splitter, HyperCam 3, Zond 265 and more – make sure you’re fully equipped for 2015. Don't miss out on the offer! Act now before it’s too late, and spread the news among your friends. Get more details... 

2014年 10月 9日

zond icon 32x32SolveigMM announces a new version of ZOND 265 – H.265/HEVC Video analyzer, version 1.9 with latest features demonstrated at IBC 2014. The new version brings along such new features as optimized processing of 4K files and support of H.264/AVC streams. Zond 265 reveals fivefold speed-up in handling UltraHD 4K files,  compatibility with a reference software HM 14, command line extended reports, adjustable layout. Zond 265 was the first on the market to comply with the 'High Efficiency Video Coding' (HEVC) standard, aka H.265, introduced two years ago. Since 2012 Solveig has offered a HEVC/H.265 bit stream analyzer that enabled software engineers across the globe to develop H.265-compliant software and codecs and keep up with the trend. To find more information about Zond 265 – HEVC Video analyzer or to get the demo version or to purchase the full one, please visit the product webpage and find details in the press release

2014年 9月 5日

ibc news resizedSolveig Multimedia jointly with DekTec takes part at IBC  2014 held Amsterdam from September 12th to 16, 2014 and invites to visit the stand 2.B40. We will gladly demonstrate the latest achievement in the field of comprehensive debug analysis in easy-to-use visuals for HEVC/H.265 and H.264 format, Zond 265, that now supports both H.265 and H.264 video in the same interface. The new version is optimized for 4K UltraHD HEVC support and operates much faster than a current one.
We also welcome you to discuss our traditional smart editing solutions, Video Editing SDK, which allows the developer to create applications for advanced frame-accurate editing of digital video/audio data in various formats and Video Splitter, a powerful editing consumer application developed on the basis of Video Editing SDK - an illustrative example of the most attractive features implementation. More details… 

2014年 7月 24日

hypercam icon 32CNET和SolveigMM宣布HyperCam 3提供50%的优惠。该产品是优秀的视频和音频录制工具,可以帮助捕获您在计算机中看到或听到一切内容,通过优秀的内部视频编辑器增强了性能。优惠仅限2014年7月30日前有效。不要错过机会哦,点击此链接,使用如此特大优惠购买吧! 

2014年 7月 21日

spain-flag-32x32Hey! We have finally launched the Spanish version of our website with localization to this language of its main pages. We hope to make it easier for Spanish speaking visitors and our current customers. You are welcome to visit it at! 

2014年 5月 22日

zond icon 32x32 New long-awaited version of ZOND 265 is released. Version 1.8 gets around 60% faster and brings a number of handy features. It’s a Linux version, quality estimation with most popular PSNR and MSSIM metrics; command line interface workflow; HEVC specification quotes and references for most of syntax elements; enhanced floating license server;
The version 1.6 of ZOND 265 is compatible with the reference software HM 13. To find more information about Zond 265 – HEVC Video analyzer or to get the demo version or to purchase the full one, please visit the product webpage 

2014年 1月 28日

12 icon-vs3The new version 4 of the powerful media editor, SolveigMM Video Splitter, was finally released. It was enriched with the range of new features, among major are slicing files by selected number of parts, output file size or duration feature, supporting of the additional FLV format files editing and AVI files frame accurate editing possibility. One can find also useful features for working with the large number of files: option to keep project settings for the new file and project recovery. More details about new version please find in the press release

2013年 12月 17日

christmas treeShhh…the happy holiday season is almost there! We are launching the biggest sale this year. We will give a present of 33% discount to our clients for all consumer and professional SolveigMM products available for purchase from our website within the Christmas Special 2013. The unique offer will be valid from the 16th of December 2013 to the 8th of January 2014. Don't miss out! Get more details

2013年 10月 23日

10 years icon newsIt is been ten years since Solveig Multimedia first began offering solutions for smart video editing, and we want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for their continuous interest in using our software products.
We welcome new customers and we hope they will join us in celebrating our anniversary!
During our Birthday Campaign until the end of November we grant an anniversary discount of 10% to all products available from our website as well as to upgrades of the purchased products. Enjoy your shopping. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts. We couldn't have made it 10 years without you, our loyal customers, and we hope to serve you even better over the next 10! More details... 

2013年 9月 5日

sdk iconWe finished the 3.0 version of SolveigMM Video Editing SDK, our tool for the development of software for audio/video editing. New features include editing the file formats FLV and WEBM with frame or keyframe accuracy and muxing and frame accurate trimming for AVI files. We added a new component, Timeline ActiveX Control, with the ability of thumbnail generating and audio waveform constructing. We also realized MP4 to ASF muxing for Microsoft Playready platform and we added new demo applications, Video Splitter and application to save the frame/sequence of frames from a video in JPEG or BMP file. More information... 

2013年 8月 23日

ibc news resizedThis year we attend the IBC Show in Amsterdam and invite you to visit our booth at Hall 5, Stand 5.C14, September, 13th to 17th. Our attendees will gladly demonstrate the latest achievement in the field of comprehensive debug analysis in easy-to-use visuals for HEVC/H.265 format - Zond 265. We will traditionally showcase the smart editing solutions for the professionals and end-users. Video Editing SDK allows the developer to create applications for advanced frame-accurate editing of digital video/audio data in various formats. Video Splitter developed on the basis of Video Editing SDK - a powerful editing consumer application - is an illustrative example of the most attractive features implementation. More information... 

2013年 8月 23日

interavto iconSolveig Multimedia will be co-exhibiting with partner, Bluesonic in InterAuto 2013, Russia's 9th international exhibition of automotive industry, to be held in Moscow, Crocus Expo. Join us on the 28th and 29th of August. Solveig Multimedia delivers the special edition of the powerful smart editing solution - Video Splitter for the newly designed Digital Video Recorders (DVRs): Bluesonic BS-F003 and Bluesonic BS-F008. We will be glad to show the new features of Video Splitter allowing you to display extra video window and switch control for front and rear cameras, to track the route on Yandex maps and to observe speedometer and compass readings on DVR files. Find more specifications on DVRs here. See you on Stand 300, pavilion 2, hall 5, Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre. 


2013年 6月 26日

avi trimmer icoAVI Trimmer + MKV, free editor for AVI and MKV files, was released in the new version 2.1. It now officially certified for Windows 8 compatibility and can be run on either 32- and 64-bit operating systems. You can find the proof of this at AVI Trimmer + MKV page of Windows Compatibility Center. AVI Trimmer + MKV allows to save needed fragments without quality loss and out of sync problem. It is indispensable in cases when we want to keep fragment of film or clip to share it with friends, upload to YouTube or burn to CD or USB Drive.


2013年 6月 19日

pluginSolveig Multimedia announces the release of the new version 3.0 of WMP Trimmer Plugin, plugin for media file editing in Windows Media Player. New features include the ability to save or cut out several fragments from the media file at one pass and the ability to mute audio for the selected fragment without re-encoding. The user interface was improved. It now includes a visual timeline and audio wave form for easy editing. Also was added the support of new file formats, AVCHD, FLV, MP4, MOV, WEBM and MKV. These can be edited with frame accuracy in the Business Edition and with key frame accuracy in the Home Edition. Read more in the press release.   

2013年 1月 9日

icon-vs3我们今天发布Video Splitter 3.6 版本,在这一版本中又有了新的特性被引入,主要包括可将视频帧保存为JPEG图像格式文件的特性以及支持更适合影音文件回放和编辑操作的全屏UI模式。VS3.6新增了可将某格式影音文件中含有的H.264 VES视频流无损抽取进MKV,MP4及ASF格式文件中的功能,以及可将某格式影音文件中含有的AAC音频流无损抽取为带有ADTS头文件标识的原始AAC音频流数据文件的功能。此外,对于DETALECO CamBox CE DVR车载录像机用户也有好消息宣布,那就是通过最新的程序升级的用户,可在 车载录像机中嵌入的VS软件UI上显示谷歌地图导航线路,Yandex地图导航线路,以及速度计,罗盘和加速计信息的功能,以及可使用VS软件对含有GPS信息的数据同机体录制文件一并进行剪切、合并操作。 

2012年 12月 24日

new-year-2013On the threshold of oncoming Christmas Solveig Multimedia is pleased to announce its traditional Christmas Sale. This year from 22nd December till 22nd January we offer up to 55% discount for personal licenses of our most popular products. We wish you a happy holiday and prosperous New Year. More details about our Sale please find here. 

2012年 6月 15日

advocam_icon视频编辑软件-SolveigMM Video Splitter的demo版本将伴随俄国"Videomaks"公司的Advocam品牌车载录像机一同亮相,届时它将被命名或叫做AdvoCam Demo 3 。此程序是带有功能数量限制的试用版本,Solveig Video Splitter的完整版本将没有功能数量限制。此程序是专门为持有AdvoCam车载录像机的人们设计的,它能从录像机记录的MOV格式视频中快速且容易的切出重要场景,删除无用场景以及对文件执行合并操作。 

2012年 6月 9日

icon-vs3我们此次发布了带有音频新编辑特性的Video Splitter3.2版本。 用户将会十分欣喜于此版中内置的音频波形图特性,有了它编辑影音文件将变得十分简单和方便。通过波形图,可以对选定的区段实施静音操作却不需重新编码,可以在批处理管理器中对选定文件实施轨删除操作(视频轨或音频轨)。 

2012年 5月 15日

hypercam_icon_32HyperCam 3.4版本发布 ! 此版本开始可以捕捉Vista和更高版本操作系统中的Skype视频会议内容了。此版本也新增了几项实用功能,比如:为Skype设置增加了音量指示器,可以从程序弹出菜单下的多功能显示选项中选择麦克风类型等。HyperCam内置的影音文件编辑器现在提供了新的优化界面,为了适合编辑现增加了缩略图生成和时间格式切换特性。 

2012年 3月 19日

italy-flag-32x32好消息! 我们现已启动官网的意大利语版本,有效的访问页面是 。我们希望此语种官网页面的推出能够使我们要传达的信息可以更容易和更友好的被讲意大利语的来访者及消费者接受。 

2012年 2月 24日

sdk_iconSolveig Multimedia 公司宣布推出人们期待已久的SolveigMM Video Editing SDK 2.0。它是一款可开发先进的可编辑众多数字视/音频数据压缩格式的程序的软件开发包,此SDK支持的文件格式包括AVCHD, MP4, MKV, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WAV, ASF/WMV/WMA, AVI, MP3;并且由于拥有特殊技术,通过此SDK即可开发出快速无损的视音频编辑软件来。 

2012年 1月 20日

icon-vs3很高兴为您介绍我们开发的新版Video Splitter 3.0,新版特性包括新改进的图形界面,新的文件格式的支持(包括AVCHD, MKV, MP4, MOV),对"帧间精准度"编辑模式及合并模式的支持等。此版也改进了用户体验,新增的实用可视化时间线使编辑工作更舒适。它是一款能完成切除录制的电视节目中的广告,父母关注及把关子女所观看视频内容,分割影片及切割成适合CD烧录短片等用途的必不可少的工具。详情可见新软发布信息。 

2011年 12月 2日


2011年 9月 26日

trimmer最受欢迎的视频编辑工具发布了其最新的改进版本-Video Splitter 2.5,此版的的主要特性包括人们期待已久的可支持Windows影音格式文件的"帧间精准度"编辑模式,提供了德语,俄语和汉语的本土支持,可安装在移动设备上以及其它实用特性。此软件能胜任移除录制的电视节目中的广告内容,为孩子审查视频,创建能上传到Youtube网站或其他公共网络的视频文件。详情可见新软发布信息。 

2011年 9月 20日

hypercam_icon_32新版HyperCam 3.3已推出,此版新加特性包括可将捕捉的音频数据保存成WMA/MP3格式文件,支持便携安装版本,可启用WMV格式文件的"帧间精准度"编辑模式,可上传视频文件到YouTube网站,可显示捕捉操作时长,以及一些其它的特性及改进。 

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