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09 January 2013

Solveig Multimedia announces the release of Video Splitter 3.6


Annunciamo il rilascio di Video Splitter versione 3.6. Tra le sue nuove utili caratteristiche ci sono la possibilità di salvare i fotogrammi video nel formato JPEG e il supporto della modalità schermo intero per editing e riproduzione più comodi. La  versione 3.6 dell’editor video può salvare ora nei formati H264 Video Elementary Stream per MKV, MP4 e ASF e ADTS AAC per i file con audio AAC. Ci sono anche delle buone novità per i possessori delle videocamere per auto DETALECO CamBox CE – il prodotto aggiornato visualizza il percorso sulle mappe Google e Yandex e le letture dell’indicatore di velocità, bussola e accelerometro sui file di questa videocamera e supporta il ritaglio e l’unione con il salvataggio dei dati extra GPS.

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Solveig Multimedia at CABSAT 2021
19 October 2021 News

Good news! Solveig Multimedia is exhibiting at CABSAT 2021 in Dubai at the World Trade Center from 26 to 28 October.

Welcome to visit our stand # PD-22 and find out about our latest projects and solutions, such as HTML5 Video Editor, the brand-new product that offers online video editing with transitions, text overlay, voice-over and smart rendering.

The only online editor with smart rendering works with frame accuracy and provides no quality loss while the editing. It allows the editing of the video and preview the changes right away, joining multiple clips into a single video, adding text, music and transitions to the video. Visit the company's official space at exhibition website for more information. Come and see the editor by yourself!

EVC update to ETM version 7.3 in Zond 265
07 September 2021 News

Solveig Multimedia moves on researching and integrating EVC standard: Zond 265 had been updated for the compatibility with the most recent ETM v.7.3 EVC reference software. EVC support had also been added to the Mac OS and Linux version of Zond 265. Please check the complete list of changes and try the updated version of Zond 265.

Zond 265 with EVC support in MPEG WG contribution
19 July 2021 News

Solveig Multimedia presented Zond 265 with EVC support as a contribution to deploy EVC standard at the MPEG Working group in July 2021. Please see more details about the contribution and EVC support in Zond 265. We would be grateful to get any technical feedback and suggestions in regards of EVC support and Zond 265 itself.

Release of Zond 265 version 5
31 May 2021 News

Zond 265 upgrade released!
Solveig Multimedia is happy to present version 5 of Zond 265, which now supports analysis of the Essential Video Coding (EVC) format. Check the complete list of capabilities and changes in the version history and visit Zond 265 page to download demo-version.
Please check the other EVC-related project of ours: Real-time EVC decoder and player for Huawei P40 Pro mobile.

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