09 January 2013

Solveig Multimedia announces the release of Video Splitter 3.6


我们今天发布Video Splitter 3.6 版本,在这一版本中又有了新的特性被引入,主要包括可将视频帧保存为JPEG图像格式文件的特性以及支持更适合影音文件回放和编辑操作的全屏UI模式。VS3.6新增了可将某格式影音文件中含有的H.264 VES视频流无损抽取进MKV,MP4及ASF格式文件中的功能,以及可将某格式影音文件中含有的AAC音频流无损抽取为带有ADTS头文件标识的原始AAC音频流数据文件的功能。此外,对于DETALECO CamBox CE DVR车载录像机用户也有好消息宣布,那就是通过最新的程序升级的用户,可在 车载录像机中嵌入的VS软件UI上显示谷歌地图导航线路,Yandex地图导航线路,以及速度计,罗盘和加速计信息的功能,以及可使用VS软件对含有GPS信息的数据同机体录制文件一并进行剪切、合并操作。 

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Solveig Multimedia推出了新的HyperCam 5.5,可轻松恢复视频
31 July 2019 News

Solveig Multimedia推出了新的HyperCam 5.5,可轻松恢复视频。

HyperCam 5.5提供了杀手级稳定性功能 - MP4安全记录模式。 如果系统崩溃或冻结,录制中的MP4文件将保持正常运行,因此您可以在系统恢复后播放视频。

版本5.5还在商业版中添加了“使用桌面复制API”选项,以便在录制时实现更高的FPS。 更多功能包括改进的HyperCam媒体编辑器,改进了时间线,并能够通过删除许可证重置以前的激活。


Video Splitter 7.3 -  New timeline
10 July 2019 News

Solveig Multimedia unleashes Video Splitter 7.3!

The new edition adds two long-awaited features: revamped timeline and cross-device software migration. We’ve reinstated old good controls like fragment folding from ver. 5 and added some new tweaks like unified time markers to make the timeline look its handiest. Also, you can now transfer an active Splitter license to another computer - just in a single click! We keep on improving our products according to customer feedback and deliver utmost usability to the SolveigMM community. Feel free to check the new edition, upgrade for free or with an impressive 50% discount!

21 April 2019 News

Solveig Multimedia proudly announces the latest update to its Video Splitter for MacOS (version 4). The software has been available to MacOS users for over two years letting Apple fans remove unwanted video fragments and cut/join video streams with ease. Like its Windows sibling, the Mac version comes with a friendly UI and enables frame accurate editing at a minimum cost. What’s new in the latest update? First and foremost, it’s the support for MP4 HEVC files with up to 4K resolution. Other novelties include support for MPEG-TS (HEVC/AVC, AAC/AC3/EAC3) files and MP4 files from Swann security cameras NVR-8580 (HEVC, PCM ALAW). The solution is now available at Mac App Store for only $29.99.

07 March 2019 News

SolveigMM announces a major upgrade to its flagship Video Splitter – version 7.

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