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SolveigMM Video Splitter 7.6

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  • 享受没有任何降速的无损编辑
  • 只需点击几下,即可无缝移除不需要的视频部分
  • 以极高的精度裁切和连接视频与音频流
  • 通过直观的界面完成所有操作!
  • CHIP Netherlands, Peter Marinus Solveig 在编辑过程中无需重新渲染视频材料,因此可以获得极佳的速度。
  • PC World, Steve Horton SolveigMM Video Splitter 是一款值得使用,潜力无限的应用。
  • CHIP Magazine, Mareile Heiting 程序界面十分清晰,用户不必进行初步学习就可以直接开始视频编辑。


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SolveigMM Video Splitter 7.6
Solveig Video Splitter 是一款先进的视频编辑器,可帮助您管理体育比赛录像、家庭视频和宠物视频等。 您可以从喜爱的电视节目或电影中移除商业广告,将视频归档以及实现其他功能。 免费试用


  • 智能的编辑方式确保输入数据完整性
  • 支持所有常见的视频和音频格式
  • 编辑 MP4、MKV、WEBM、AVI、和 TS 格式的内嵌和外部字幕 显示教程
  • 支持带有多音轨的MP4、MKV、WEBM、AVI、TS格式文件的编辑
  • 移除广告以获得不受干扰的观影体验 显示教程
  • 合并所有受支持格式的媒体文件
显示所有版本功能 隐藏所有版本功能
  • 编辑精度高达 99.9%
  • 编辑所有常见的视频和音频文件格式
  • 合并所有受支持格式的媒体文件
  • 按部分、持续时间或文件大小分割文件
  • 支持编辑 MKV、WEBM、AVI、TS 和 WEBM 文件的 UTF8、ASS、SSA 和 GAB2 格式的内嵌字幕
  • 支持编辑 MP4、MKV、WEBM、AVI 和 TS 的 ASS 和 SRT 格式的外部字幕
  • 裁切广告:同时删除影片的多个部分;只需两个操作即可从电影中移除所有广告。
  • 批处理模式编辑:一次运行即可完成无限多个编辑任务(仅限商业版!)
  • 命令行界面接受包含批处理任务描述的 XML 文件(仅限商业版!)
  • 可以在便携式存储设备(例如 U 盘)上使用(需要便携版许可证)
  • 可以在 Citrix XenApp 6.5 下运行
  • English 英语
  • German 德语
  • Chinese 汉语
  • Russian 俄语
  • Italian 意大利的
  • French 法语
  • Japanese 日语
支持的编解码器 H265/HEVC, H264/AVC, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DIVX, XVID, MJPEG, WMV1, WMV2, WMV3, MPEG Audio, PCM, AC3, AAC

选择您的 Video Splitter

家庭版 商业版

供个人使用。 编辑精度高达 99.9%。

用于商业用途。 编辑精度高达 99.9%。


4K 视频支持


命令行界面接受包含批处理任务描述的 XML 文件

帮我选择 我的 Video Splitter 版本。 请回答 5 个简单的问题,我们会尽力帮助您

Video Splitter Home Edition is licensed by End-User License Agreement and is intended for the personal non-commercial use only. In case you wish to use Video Splitter for the business needs, please check out the professional version - Video Splitter Business Edition.
The license is valid for one PC, for one Operating System and for one user

How to register purchased SolveigMM Video Splitter
How to move your Video Splitter license to the other PC

提供便携式版本(适用于 USB 设备)

Video Splitter Business Edition is licensed by End-User License Agreement Commercial and is intended for the professional use. For this reason, Video Splitter Business Edition is appropriate to use in the company for its internal needs. Business Edition is recommended for home-working employees connected to the corporate network and home office business owners. Also, Video Splitter Business Edition can be used in an academic or government environment.
The license is valid for one PC, for one Operating System and for one user

How to register purchased SolveigMM Video Splitter
How to move your Video Splitter license to the other PC

提供便携式版本(适用于 USB 设备)

我们为学术和非营利组织提供折扣。 要在结账时使用优惠码,请 联系我们

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Video Splitter DPI scaling
Video Splitter 7.3

SolveigMM Video Splitter 7.6 is an advanced video editor that allows managing any content. If you've been thinking about how to split video, then this fast video cutter will help you achieve your goals. With Solveigmm Video Splitter you will be able to edit sport broadcast recordings, home videos, movie recordings and many more video files. In addition, with this video splitter program, you can remove ads from your favorite TV shows, movies, and similar video content to make viewing comfortable, without interruption.


With this video splitter you will be able to:

  • trim video (cut one fragment or cut multiple video parts at once);
  • slice video (split into multiple equal files) and merge the fragments;
  • merge several video files.

Features available with Solveigmm Video Splitter

  • lossless video editing, no delays, maintaining data integrity;
  • almost all video and audio formats support;
  • editing MP4, MKV, WEBM, AVI, TS files with multiple audio tracks;
  • slicing the files by fragments, duration and size;
  • allows you to cut and merge video and audio streams with absolute accuracy, without quality loss.

This video splitter also edits embedded and external subtitles for MP4, MKV, WEBM, AVI, TS formats.

Split video editor advantages

  • Easy-to-use interface: you can start editing right away, without additional tool instructions studies. If you still have any questions, you can find the answers in the video tutorials presented on our website.
  • You can download the free version to give it a try.
  • Flawless quality of the final video: with this video splitter, you get a video file no worse than the original video quality.
  • Removing unnecessary video fragments in a couple of clicks (for example, advertising for an ongoing movie watching, TV broadcasts): you can cut several video file parts at the same time.
  • 99.9% editing accuracy.
  • The fastest video splitter: high performance is achieved due to the fact that the video material is not re-encoded during editing.
  • It is possible to work under Citrix XenApp 6.5.

This is the best video cutter! No need to spend a lot of time to cut video or merge it from slices. All you need is to download our video editor, import the video file and execute your plans.


The license for both home and business use is valid only for one PC, for one operating system and for one user. But the Solveigmm Video Splitter Business version has more advanced features than the video splitter home version - Solveigmm Video Splitter Home Edition.

It is only with Solveigmm Video Splitter Business that you will have access to such software feature as tasks batch processing:

  • unlimited tasks number in one run;
  • possibility to download XML files with task packages descriptions via the command prompt interface.

Separate license is required to ensure compatibility with portable devices as well.

By purchasing our program you get 3-in-1 - Video Cutter, Video Splitter and Video Joiner. Try the video splitter version 7.6 from SolveigMM right now, you will definitely not regret your choice! And to ensure that the program purchase is worthwhile, you can always download a free product version to get acquainted with its functions.