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How to cut video on Android

TriMP4 for Android 1.1

File info: 5.98 Mb, 2015 Dec 24

TriMP4 is the easy to use application for Android devices that helps to cut video in MP4 format in just few steps. You can save the best part of your video file and share it with friends using this free application.

Basic Terms

Understanding of some basic terms used in this guide will help you to start using TriMP4 in most comfortable way.

Marker is a constituent part of a fragment consisted of two markers: start and end.

Marker is set to a specified in the time box position
The selected marker is highlighted with blue color

Fragment is a part of video file limited by two markers to be removed or kept in a final movie. Selected fragment is marked with blue color. Fragments marked as 'cut off' are not selected and colored with grey color.
Examples of fragments are provided in table below:

Color of FragmentDescription

not selected fragment1

not selected fragment21

    This fragment was set to be deleted. It will not be presented in final movie
selected fragment     This fragment was set to be kept. It will be presented in final movie

Control Panel contains main tools for file processing.

control panel

Description of window elements is provided in table below.

Window ElementDescription



Open the file button
Move the selected marker to left
Move the selected marker to right
Play/pause buttons
Stop playback button
"Trim" button: start editing process
Shows total duration of selected fragment
time box
Shows time position of the marker
Information panel of input file: shows input file duration, its size, resolution and frame rate

Opens the menu with additional commands.

Load project: allows loading the previously saved project to TriMP4

Save project: allows saving the project to the file

Allows reporting about possible improvements to developers of Solveig Multimedia

Opens additional window of settings

preview1 Opens preview of output file in TriMP4
preview with Allows selecting preview of output file with any program on the device
share with Allows sharing the output file with any application
input output Shows input/output file size information
delete input Allows deleting of input file


1. First of all Go to Google Play to download TriMP4 and install it to your device.

2. Click the icon of TriMP4 to open the application.


3. There will be opened the window as below. Select the "Open file to edit" with the folder image to select the MP4 file you would like to be edited.



You can make additional settings for the view of the list of files: Grid or List view and also make additional settings.

2 1


TriMP4 contans file manager, so you cam also select the "Open from" location of your device to choose the file for editing.

1 3

2. Now when the file is selected from one on your device, you need to mark the fragment for saving.

Move left marker to the fragments beginning, then place the right marker to the fragment's end.

10 9

If you would like you can select "save only video track" or "save only audio track".

For this make additional settings in the so called menu. In our example we have selected to save only video track in the output file.

After that press the "Trim" button with scissors icon (scissors) to start the cutting progress.

5 1 6 1 7

When the editing will be launched, you will see the trimming progress.


After that you have several options: to preview your video file, share it with some application on your device, view input/output file size information nd delete the input file.

In this example we will share the file.
Press the "Share with..." button for it and select some application in the list of available on your device.

12 8

That's all!

Thank you for reading and have fun with TriMP4!




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