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How to launch the Zond 265 license server at system startup in hidden mode
Zond 265 4.5

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There is a possibility to launch the Zond 265 license server in hidden mode at system startup by adding the task to Windows Task Scheduler.

This action can be done via batch file or via Windows Task Scheduler interface.

Method# 1. Launching of Zond 265 license server at system startup via batch file

1. To do this using batch processing please download archive from the link below. Unpack it.

2. Place “create_zond_license_server_auto_launch_scheduler_task.cmd” and “delete_zond_license_server_auto_launch_scheduler_task.cmd” files to Zond 265 folder and execute them with administrative privileges.

Method# 2.  Launching Zond 265 license server at system startup via Windows Task Scheduler interface

Alternatively you can also accomplish this task using Windows Task Scheduler.

1. Open the Windows Task Scheduler. You can find it in Start -> All programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Task Scheduler.


2. Create the new task in it.


3. Make settings for this task depicted on screenshots below.








4. Click "OK" button and close Windows Task Scheduler.

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