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How to trim MKV file
AVI Trimmer+ 6.1

Freeware video editor for fast and lossless AVI + MKV files cutting and editing

File info: 53.19 Mb, 2018 Nov 14

You would like to save one or several fragments from MKV file, but don’t know how to do it?

This guideline describes how you can easily do this with AVI Trimmer + MKV.

Relaited topics:

1. Launch AVI Trimmer + MKV from the icon on your desktop or from the Start -> Solveig Multimedia -> SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV


2. Open your MKV file in AVI Trimmer + MKV using special button on the AVI Trimmer + MKV window


AVI Trimmer + MKV window will appear with your file (picture 1).

Picture 1

3. Specify start and stop times of a fragment you want to trim by moving markers of start left_cursor and stop right_cursor position on the timeline.

Also you can set these positions by scrolling Video Slider (slider) to a necessary start position, setting Left Trim Mark (left_mark), scrolling Video Slider to a necessary stop position and setting Right Trim Mark (right_mark).

Or specify this positions manually in Time Edit Controls fields.


The fragment with appropriate time intervals will appear in the Fragments list.


4. Click the “Add fragment” button (add) if you would like to save more fragments.

5. Repeat steps 3,4 to add new fragments to your list.

You will get the following look of AVI Trimmer + MKV (picture 2):

Picture 2

6. Now just start trimming by pressing Save button.


7. Specify an output MKV file name in the opened dialog window.

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