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MPEG-2 Requantizer SDK 1.0

SolveigMM MPEG2 Requantizer SDK - is a software development kit to enable programmers to use SolveigMM MPEG-2 Requantizer Component within digital audio/video applications for a task of swift and quality MPEG-2 high-bitrate video streams transcoding (transrating / requantizing).

SolveigMM MPEG2 Requantizer SDK is composed of the SolveigMM MPEG2 Requantizer DirectShow filter to implement the smart technology of MPEG-2 Video (ISO/IEC 13818-2) recompression (transcoding / transrating / requantizing), Visual C++ sample application, developer reference documentation and API.

The SDK can be useful if:

You are creating some DVD application and want to add a shrink feature.
You develop some DVB to IP solution and need real-time MPEG-2 transrating.
You create own MPEG-2 recompression software.

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Version History

1.0.703.14, 2007-03-14
  • To installation was included unicode versions of sample application and
  • Bug that the requanizer could no achieve compression more than 2 times (advanced parameters mode was similar with "Settings' compression ratio") was fixed

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Download Now!

MPEG-2 Requantizer SDK 1.0

File: SolveigMM_MPEG-2_Requantizer_SDK_1_0_703_14.exe

Size: 2.3 Mb

Ver/Date: 1.0.703.14, 2007 Mar 14

Description: SDK for rapid and quality MPEG-2 high-bitrate video streams transcoding / transrating / requantizing

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