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Media utilities

This page is dedicated to various media applications made by Solveig Multimedia

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DV to WMV Editor 1.0
File: SolveigMM_DV2WMV_1_0_1002_20.zip
Size: 0.08
Ver/Date: 1.0.1002.20, 2010 Feb 20
Description: SolveigMM DV to WMV Editor. Find time code breakes and transcode segments to WMV files
AVI Editing Plugin for Elecard XMuxer 1.3
File: SolveigMM_Trimmer_Plugin_for_XMuxer_1_3_912_22.zip
Size: 0.87
Ver/Date: 1.3.912.22, 2009 Dec 22
Description: SolveigMM AVI Editing Plugin to add AVI files support to Elecard XMuxer application
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